Drag strip there first

My letter will be short and sweet. The drag strip has been there for over 60 years that I know of. For the people who have lived in the area for less than 60 years need to move or stop complaining.

Gerald Kauffman,


Roberson for mayor

Election season is upon us, and as a resident of our wonderful city, I want to give Rod Roberson my full endorsement for mayor of Elkhart.

Rod’s experience serving Elkhart and the community is unmatched. His 16 years on the Elkhart City Council give him a deep understanding and comprehension of how to get work done for Elkhart, and winning his at-large seat proves his wide appeal to the Elkhart community. His leadership abilities were cemented when he accepted numerous leadership roles with companies, including local manufacturers like Coachman Industries.

Rod’s deep roots in the community expanded as the executive director of Church Community Services, a nonprofit helping those experiencing poverty in Elkhart County, and more recently worked to better the lives of our children as the director of co-curricular programming for Elkhart Community Schools.

During the past few months, I’ve watched Rod engage with undecided voters who walked away excited and enthusiastic to vote for Rod this Nov. 5. As mayor, a few of Rod’s platform items include increasing transparency in city departments, support entrepreneurship in Elkhart and encourage industry diversification.

Elkhart deserves a mayor with the passion, energy and nonstop can-do attitude that Rod brings. From my own experience, he’s always willing to sit down and talk to citizens about their concerns and what he can do to help.

I’m very excited to be voting for Rod Roberson on Nov. 5. I’ve already got my calendar marked, and I hope you do as well!

David Polaski, 


Trump the comedian

Donald Trump does not lie or exaggerate. I finally see it. He has a quirky sense of humor.

He’s not so desperate to get elected that he would condone stealing land for his wall. Or steal-er “borrow” from the Pentagon to build this wall. Because – wait for it – Mexico will pay every penny!

He doesn’t say racist stuff about the Squad or immigrants. That “rapist” and “murderer” stuff, he was obviously just pulling their legs.

He doesn’t say stuff that is border-line treason. When he told Putin he believed him over our intelligence, that was witty repartee. It was to ease any tensions.

We all remember that great gag he pulled on Obama. That old “he’s bugging my office” routine. Classic!

But perhaps my favorite is that hilarious story about Hilary Clinton. I still chuckle about her abolishing the second amendment.

But then I stop to think, maybe I’m wrong. All Trump’s insight, he’s obviously above a Jedi master. All these allegations against these people, since he wouldn’t lie he knows more than we mortals ever can.

He doesn’t need evidence like we do to make charges, he just knows. That’s why he rightly was dubbed “The Chosen One” by Israel. They had a special election.

I, for one, am looking forward to this next year. What rib-tickling knee-slappers will he come up with? The economy tanks because of the Democrats? Stay tuned.

Brian Hartman,


Burden of tobacco

Recent news reports about teens being hospitalized and even dying from vaping has been shocking.

My fear is that things will get worse. Indiana and other states have seen the downward trend in youth tobacco use reversed as emerging tobacco products have resulted in a surge in use.

According to the Indiana Youth Tobacco Survey, which was released Aug. 29 by the Indiana State Department of Health, 65,000 high school students are using e-cigarettes. Thousands more continue to use combustible cigarettes.

There are proven ways to reduce the burden of tobacco on our children, and as a resident of South Bend and Circle of Red member, I pledge our continued efforts to support policies based on the CDC’s best practices.

Join us as we call on state and local leaders to enact comprehensive smoke-free ordinances, significantly increase the price of tobacco products, adequately fund tobacco prevention and cessation programs in all 92 counties, raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco products, restrict the sale of flavor/menthol products and eliminate use of e-cigarettes among youth.

Our kids are worth it.

Barbara Knutson,

South Bend 

AHA Circle of Red member


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