Suicide awareness walk

As part of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Community Out of the Darkness Walks, I will be walking on Saturday, Sept. 7, at Ox Bow County Park to draw attention to the importance of suicide prevention. I won’t be walking alone. I will be joined by many who share my dedication.

Last year, over 550 Out of the Darkness Walks took place in communities and on campuses across the United States, attended by a quarter of a million dedicated people who share my passion. Our movement is growing.

Like many, I walk because suicide has affected me personally. I lost a friend last year to suicide. He was a guy that would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. But most importantly, he was a father, brother and friend to many. Since then, I have continued dedicating my time to educating others about suicide prevention and mental health. Our goal is to spread awareness of what is currently the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S., and let others know they are not alone.

Please help us ensure that mental health is looked upon in equal importance to physical health, and continue to bring hope to those affected by suicide. Join me in this walk. We need you. Register or donate at because together we can stop suicide in Michiana.

Stephen Gray, 


Column misses mark

George Will’s column on Aug. 9, “Trump doesn’t just pollute but is the social environment,” has it exactly backwards. It’s actually an indictment of Will, who can’t fathom why America chose an alternative to the cluelessness of the ruling class, including in journalism.

Will engages in projection (as in “exculpatory sociology”). Like most editorialists, whenever the subject is Trump, he keeps writing the same article over and over again. A look within would be more informative.

The man who dislikes “coarseness” in public speech could instead write “politely” about the serious empirical failure of consensus establishment policies over three decades.

Samuel White,


Death row solution

There was just a story in the news about the department of corrections not having the needed drugs to kill death row inmates. There was also a recent news story about a single drug bust that netted 17 tons of cocaine.

How much cocaine does it really take to overdose? Do these death row inmates have an aversion to recreational drugs? Can we just lock them in their cells with a large quantity of confiscated drugs and paraphernalia? We’ve heard of someone dying, doing what they liked to do. We could be hearing it again. Don’t forget the clean needles.

Pete Ostapchuk, 


Democratic communism

The new Medicare-for-all bill being pushed by Bernie Sanders and many other Democrats would actually eliminate Medicare and Social Security, which many of us have been forced to pay into our entire working life with the promise of Social Security and Medicare when we retire. Older Americans who have been taxed without their choice would soon be eliminated completely from the retirement and health care programs our government has forced us to pay into our entire working life.

This is Democratic communism. Do you really want to live in a communist country? Please feel free to do so, but do not drag us down with you. I have talked to many who have escaped from communism in Cuba, Poland, Russia, etc. Please feel free to move back to one of these and leave our Christian nation alone, and any congressman who votes to eliminate and take away our Social Security and Medicare should be forced to give up their retirement. They only have to serve one or two terms to receive their pension, which is much larger than our Social Security, while we are forced to pay our entire working life  – well over 40 years apiece for my husband and I and for many others as well.

The door is open, please feel free to join a communist country and take your ideas with you.

Sherry Moore, 



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