A vote for King

A representative, in the very best sense of the word, is someone who moves beyond insiders and the well-connected, welcomes input from diverse perspectives, and focuses on building a more vibrant and friendly community. Julia King is that rare kind of public servant; one with a passion for and experience in making government work for the good of the people. That is why I enthusiastically support Julia King’s re-election to Goshen City Council, and urge others to support Julia King as well.

Karl Shelly, Goshen

Appreciate plumbing help

We recently faced some problems with tree roots clogging our pipes leading to the city sewer system. This, of course, resulted in a flooded basement, stopped up sinks and, naturally, several days of some inconvenience.

On recommendation from family, we called Kline’s Ready Rooter service, and not only did Dale and Sean clear as much drain as possible, they guided us through the process of getting the paperwork needed to clear the remaining part of the line. Cody from Elkhart Public Utilities was great in taking care of the paperwork and being on site as Bob and Josh from D&B Plumbing fixed and cleared the rest of the line.

All of these people were extremely knowledgeable, professional and yet personable, making a trying ordeal as pleasant as possible.

We think it’s important to let these people know they are not taken for granted, and we want them to know how very appreciated they are.

Neil and Cheryl Herman,


A leader who listens

I am writing to express my enthusiastic support for Rod Roberson for Mayor of Elkhart.

Rod is dedicated to public service for all residents, which he has demonstrated through his work on the Elkhart City Council and Church Community Services.

He will be the mayor of all of Elkhart’s residents. His focus on both downtown Elkhart and the needs of the neighborhoods ensures that all of us can engage in the growth and success of our city.

Most importantly, I value Rod’s integrity. He’s not a politician, but a leader who listens and then decides the best course of action. His honesty and sincerity will serve to create trust in our city government.

I urge Elkhart voters to choose Rod Roberson for Mayor on November 5!

Starr Robinson, Elkhart

Roberson a collaborator

As long as I’ve known him, Rod Roberson has been bringing people together from all parts of the city in order to create innovative solutions to the biggest challenges we face. I first met him more than a decade ago in the effort to save the Historic Roosevelt Center. He’s been Building Elkhart Together for years – through Back 2 School Elkhart, leading Church Community Services during the Great Recession, and giving leadership at Elkhart Community Schools.

Rod has made a life of stepping up to meet challenges – and doing so in a way that brings people together. For the challenges ahead, we need a mayor with the experience that Rod brings from all sectors of the city. I’ve known him as a mentor and a neighbor, as my supervisor at Church Community Services and as my city councilman. There’s no one better qualified to lead Elkhart into its next exciting chapter.

Jason Shenk, Elkhart

Experienced leadership

Change is in the air and it’s going to reveal itself in the upcoming mayoral election. We are getting ready to have the most well-rounded leader this city has ever had. It’s not about being a Democrat or Republican; local elections are about knowing the city and interacting with all citizens. Local politics is knowing your neighbors and taking a trip across town effectively communicating with those residents also. Finding a person to do all of those things isn’t easy, so when he comes along it’s our duty to put him in position to lead.

Rod Roberson is an Elkhart legend, having stellar academic and athletic careers throughout his childhood and leading him to the Harvard of the Big 10, Northwestern University. Again Rod excelled academically getting a degree in economics while earning all-conference honors on the basketball court. Life after college has gone well also starting with his marriage to Regina Gary. They have sent three children to college with a fourth at Central High School.

Rod has touched lives by leading Church Community Services, but not from a distance. Rod got to know those in need on a personal level making them feel like family. Rod also sat on Elkhart’s City Council, serving us well. After his victory, Rod will be the city’s first African American mayor, but this election isn’t about race, it’s about leading with experience and sincere concern. On Nov. 5, do the right thing let’s make Rod Roberson the next mayor of Elkhart.

Rodney Dale, Bristol

Four solid candidates

The 2019 Elkhart Municipal Election has shaped up to be the most critical, yet exciting, election that I can remember within recent years. Before us is not only a critical vote for Elkhart mayor, but also for local and at-large city council candidates. For this next election, I endorse the following: Rod Roberson for mayor, Dwight Fish for District 4, and Alex Holtz and Tom Bulter for at-large City Council.

Key policy areas that I have been paying attention to are economic development and inclusive policy-making across under-served neighborhoods. Our city is witnessing unparallelled growth – evident through investments within the Aquatic Center and River District – that must translate across all neighborhoods. In sitting down and analyzing the platforms of several candidates – Roberson, Fish, Butler and Holtz have all instilled my confidence in their leadership and positions. I encourage everyone to vote for those whom they believe are the right candidates for the job and not just voting Democrat or Republican.

While my votes are all Democrats (this time around), I plan to leave one slot blank for at-large, as no other at-large candidate has convinced me to cast my vote for them – although I can still be persuaded.

Election Day is Nov. 5. Please vote for those who you believe will move our city forward!

Gary Johnson, Elkhart


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