Annual fall concert 

October is a time many look forward to brisk air and beautiful fall colors. For me, one of fall’s blessings is the annual Choral Tapestry concert, to be held on Oct. 27 at Elkhart’s Lerner Theatre. Stepping away from the hustle and into the serene beauty of the Lerner provides me the perfect space to breathe and relax.

The afternoon provides an opportunity to see students from across Elkhart County share their talents. This year musicians from Concord, Fairfield, Goshen, Northridge and NorthWood are practicing vocals, instrumentals and synchronized dance moves to captivate us once again. As I sit enthralled year after year, I have discovered there is no place I would rather be. 

I invite you to join me at this inspiring event. I believe our time will be filled with surprises, laughter and even a few tears. And just as the afternoon seems to be winding down, you will discover the students offer one final breathtaking moment, when all the choirs join together for a final song. This year the finale will feature special guests, Jordan Kirkdorffer, a Fairfield alum and former contestant on NBC’s “The Voice” and a local alternative/folk band The Tumbleweed Jumpers.

So, take a moment to set a reminder on your calendar for Sunday, Oct. 27, at 3:30 p.m. Then take another moment and invite a friend. I look forward to seeing you there!

Joyce Doan,


 Recycling in politics

It’s nice to see that the Republicans are paying attention to recycling. After all, they are recycling a failed, old candidate for mayor.

The last time he ran for office, over 13,000 people did not want him as their elected representative. Maybe it was because of his relentless pursuit of a trash fee. Maybe it was because of his disastrous city re-organization. Maybe it was because of all his trips taken with taxpayer money.

Maybe Rod Roberson needs to change his campaign slogan to, “Let’s not make the same mistake again.”

Rick Bowen,


Re-elect King

I met Julia King not long after moving to Goshen in 2017, when Julia was midway through her first term as an at-large city council representative. Soon after meeting Julia, I began working with her and other council members through my work on our neighborhood association board. Our neighborhood was facing some major transitions with Goshen Health’s proposed construction and expansion plans.

During the following 10 months, representatives from our board had numerous meetings with city staff, hospital executives, city council members, and neighbors. I saw Julia King at many of those meetings, and was impressed by the time she devoted to the issue. She sought to maintain clear communication lines and genuinely listened to parties on all sides of the issue, asked real questions during city council meetings, and worked hard to understand the needs and desires of her constituents to know how to best represent them.

Julia has qualities I want in a representative: She seeks to understand the needs of all Goshen residents (she previously worked in neighborhood outreach for LaCasa). She values inclusivity, accountability, and transparency as evidenced from the Community Unity, Safety and Trust Resolution she drafted and sponsored in her first year on council and her work to clarify the city board and commission application and appointment process. Lastly, she prioritizes communication by responding promptly to constituents and reaching out to inform them of issues.

Please help re-elect Julia King by voting on or before Nov 5.

Nicole Craig,


Roberson listens

I have known Rod Roberson for many years through his work in the Elkhart community as a councilman, a community leader, the director of a successful nonprofit, and more recently in his work for Elkhart Community Schools.

Rod has the city government experience a mayor must have to work together with the city council, various city employee groups, local businesses, and the diverse communities in my hometown. He cares about people and he is very approachable. He really listens to you as he shakes your hand and hears your concerns and ideas. Rod has a vision for communication, community, and compassion for our city of Elkhart.

Mindy Shaw,


 Right candidate

I had the pleasure of working with Rod Roberson when I worked for a local credit union. He was always a very kind, considerate and knowledgeable person. His professionalism always preceded him. He was over the Chuch Community Service organization at the time.

Though I cannot vote in the election, I do believe he is the right candidate for the job. The City of Elkhart needs unity and that is what Rod will offer. There is a distrust with many of the residents in regards to the council and police department. I believe this can be resolved with the right person in the mayor’s office.

Mikki Taylor,



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