The GOP’s double hook

There aren’t enough rich people in the United States to vote for the agenda the wealthy would like to see enacted for themselves. So decades ago the privileged of our country came up with two deviously effective strategies to get ordinary folks to vote for what the rich and the corporations want.

First, the Republicans decided they would pretend to be pro-life and against abortion. For starters, their stance on capital punishment, on guns and the care of the earth is evidence that almost nothing about the GOP is pro-life. They used abortion primarily as a hook to get people to vote for them. As a bonus, they could get women to stay at home having babies and not compete with men for jobs.

Second, they would say how terrible taxes were and that tax cuts would solve most of the nation’s problems. Decade after decade Republicans have passed gigantic tax cuts for the wealthy and the corporations while throwing a few tax-cut crumbs to the rest of us. We, the people, have been left with paying for government. We’ve seen funding for our schools gutted while the rich whistle all the way to the bank. And we are constantly being told we can’t even have good health care for everyone.

The emphasis on abortion and tax cuts has allowed the Republicans to get away with enacting all kinds of harmful legislation while people were fixated on two issues. Every American needs to ask, “Have I been hooked?”

Joann Smith,


World Heart Day 

Sept. 29 is World Heart Day, an annual event that raises awareness about cardiovascular disease. There are lots of things you can do to help your heart, like eating lots of fruits and vegetables, exercising, and getting your blood pressure and cholesterol checked on a regular basis. Want another tip to a healthy heart? Don’t use tobacco products or quit if you currently use.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death among Hoosiers. According to the 2014 U.S. Surgeon General’s report, about 24 percent of coronary heart disease deaths among U.S. adults age 35 and older are due to smoking, and about 34,000 heart disease deaths nationwide are due to secondhand smoke.

The first piece of good news is that it’s never too late to quit smoking. The second piece of good news is that free help is available here in Indiana. If you use tobacco products and are ready to quit, you can get free help from the Indiana Tobacco Quit Line at 1- 800-QUIT NOW or visit for more information. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest tobacco related issues @TCEC574.

Erika V Contreras-Padilla,

Tobacco Control of Elkhart County Program Assistant/ Youth Coordinator,

Elkhart County Health Department

A response is required to a statement attributed to Jessica Koscher, director of the Elkhart County Drug Free Partnership, reported in a Sept. 18 article entitled “Anti-vaping program takes positive approach.”

The readers of The Elkhart Truth need to know D.A.R.E. is thriving and the D.A.R.E. curricula are both science and evidence-based.

Between 2009 and 2018 all new D.A.R.E. curricula have been implemented. The D.A.R.E. middle school Keepin’ it REAL (kiR), high school REAL Messages and high school myPlaybook have all, through rigorous longitudinal scientific evaluation proven to be effective.

Evaluations of the kiR curriculum for students in grades 6-9 show students completing the course experienced a:

n 32% to 44% reduction in marijuana, tobacco, and alcohol use

n 29% to 34% decrease in intent to accept substances

n Reduction and cessation in substance use among those already using

In addition to new curricula, D.A.R.E. has introduced enhancement lessons. Enhancement lessons expand upon core D.A.R.E. curricula, addressing emerging issues for youth. Three months ago, D.A.R.E. introduced two new enhancement lessons:

n More than Sad: Teen Mental Health and Suicide Prevention, developed in collaboration with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (, and

n D.A.R.E. Responds to Vaping Crisis with New Enhancement Lesson (

There is no cost for communities to implement the D.A.R.E. More than Sad and Vaping enhancement lessons. Within 90 days of implementing these two new programs, D.A.R.E. officers requested materials that would enable them to deliver the lessons to 1.1 million students

Francisco Pegueros

Culver City, California


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global hoosier

'All the President's Men's...deja Vu...Trump, Pence, Pompeo, the meshugenah guy Rudy. Rogues gallery


Joe, I see you are parroting Liz Warren again. You are as wrong as she is. Blame the rich for every imagined slight in your miserable life.

Joe King

I’m not blaming the rich, you don’t know my economic status. What I am blaming is how they don’t pay their fair share. The tax rules were created by white rich men.....who tax rules benefit them.. loopholes, tax havens, deductions for their yachts and planes.... that’s what’s wrong with our system, it unfair to the majority of tax payers taking a paycheck


What is their fair share Joe? Tax the rich,feed the poor till there are no rich anymore. You must be a John Lenin fan Joe. Once again not an original thought.

Joe King

Tax the rich to feed the poor....what a noble ideal.... Glad you want to help others rather than just yourself...


Sidearm! Notice Joe's bias leaking AGAIN? He's not blaming the rich! lol! But those tax laws were made by rich "white" men! Catch that? And I have noticed Joe uses a certain qualifier quite often when squeezed ….you don't know me or my economic status! Something like that! Anyway my info comes from the U S government sources and also private sources, while Joe's comes from a parrot cage and the Bern Man and Liz the forever American Indian. This is what I can tell Joe about income taxes. I retired from a job after 38 years. Only to find I couldn't afford Obama care. So I was lucky enough to find a job that paid all my health insurance premiums. Hourly pay was low. But the insurance made up for that! What I found was I couldn't afford the taxes either. I certainly was not rich but I had a decent income. Iworked until I was 65. I signed on to Medicare and SS. So income wise now. I get every dime back that I pay to the IRS. Understand Joe? It's a fact! No bias here Joe! And I really don't care what your economic status is! Even though you keep making that claim!

Joe King

yeah fire, your right...poor, middle class and even upper middle class earners paid for lobbyist to get tax brakes on their private planes, jets, and yachts... oh, they also paid to have lobbyist push for lower estate taxes and not tax the money not earned in paychecks from work...yeah, you got us..... all the tax loopholes and offshore accounts were just made for the lower class..... do you even read or listed to yourself?


No. I never listed myself! Where is that parrot that does all your talking Joe? And those legacy taxes. Another leftist way to steal. Many ranchers and farmers have lost property in the family for decades. Hmmm....I wonder how those Kennedy boys all became millionaires. Wasn't from money they earned. But a lot of it came as illegal gains from Papa Joe's booze runnin days! He made millions.


I just read the strangest story! it's about Republicans being smarter and richer than ordinary people! Strange! Then the story says that the Republicans are pro life! Yep! That's true. But then there is a try to tie capital punishment to abortion? Strange again. Then the kicker! This person says we are left paying for government. Again strange. It's called paying for our services with taxes. Taxation WITH representation! What a concept!


got anymore Kool-Aid you would like to share/ Wait a minute, Republicans don't share anything. After that baby is born, please tell us, what do 'Pro-Life' conservative republicans do to help with that babies Constitutional right to Freedom and Happiness ?


At least the Republicans give the babies a chance @ Freedom and Happiness. Democrats will just kill em! And remember the top .1% of families pay as much as 40% tax to the IRS. While the bottom 20% of tax payers have a negative tax rate. Meaning the receive more refund money than they pay in. Source..MarketWatch.

Joe King

Fire, if you think the 1% pay 40% to the IRS you are delusional. Everyone knows they don't pay that...they are getting their income from a is from other means that are not taxed at that rate... In fact, it was lowered again with Trump....And, they house their money offshore to avoid paying their fair share.... Please try to keep things truthful...


Just for you Joe. I know you have problems with your bias. Not 1%! .1% pay 40%. 20 % get all and more in returns. And I got my info from Marketwatch not from a parrot farm where you scoop all your info!

Joe King

Fire, your confusing bias with fairness.....there is a difference...look it up

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