Incumbent backs Eichorn

As I retire from Goshen City Council after this term, I invite you to join me in supporting Megan Eichorn, District 4 candidate for City Council.

Megan has demonstrated a willingness to get involved and contribute to our community whether it is leadership in her neighborhood association, president of Goshen Swimming Inc. or now in her first campaign for City Council. Megan and her husband, Darrin, moved to Goshen 20 years ago and since then she has: built community with neighbors, promoted inclusion and acceptance in her neighborhood and workplace, financially invested in her neighborhood, developed a small technology business, and volunteered her time in various capacities.

Megan is a careful listener, clear thinker and thoughtful decision maker. She will represent our district well and will continue Goshen’s commitment to building a strong, resilient, connected community. Join me Nov. 5 in voting for Megan Eichorn, District 4 City Council.

Julia Gautsche,


Right to bear arms

It has been written here that the right to keep and bear arms is not the right of the people. Should we assume that the right to peaceably assemble, the freedom of speech, the right to a trial by jury are also not the rights of the people? We now live in a time when we don’t know who’s rights are contained in the Bill of Rights but we know who was evicted on “Big Brother.”

My father and his countrymen had their guns taken from them by Stalin’s order. Stalin then proceeded to slaughter 30 million of his unarmed subjects. Incidents like that, Ruby Ridge and the Boston Massacre are why “We The People” have the Bill of Rights.

It has been said that guns in the hands of the people are no deterrent to the likes of Hitler, but you will notice that those tyrants, for some reason, confiscate all the guns when they come to power.

Pete Ostapchuk,


Fan of Julia King

I’ve known Julia King longer than anyone else in Goshen has known her. We met in the summer of 1988 on a Ball State University European Field Study. I was immediately taken by her energy and charmed by her humor.

Julia is the same fair, honest and compassionate person I met 31 years ago. Her affinity for justice has had a strong influence on my life and is one core value that makes her an excellent At-Large City Councilwoman.

Julia is not afraid to do what’s right. I’ve witnessed her calm a road rage situation between two angry motorists on a busy Mishawaka Road. I also once found her confronting a man who was hitting his wife outside their home. She brings this same spirit to her work on City Council.

Instead of flash and self-promotion, Julia is about principles and ideals. To borrow a protest chant, “This is what democracy looks like.”

I hope you’ll join me in re-electing my wife, Julia King, for Goshen City Council At-Large this Nov. 5.

Stuart Meade,



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