Littering makes us sick

Our earth is amazing and if we do not take care of it, it will start to get sick then we will get sick. About 75 percent of people litter. Lots of that litter gets into the ocean and other parts of the earth and when animals eat that litter they get sick. If we eat these animals it gets all of us sick. So when people litter it can mess up the whole food chain.

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Wow, Brian Hartmans comments are not surprising, totally wrong as usual but not comments that we don’t hear every day on CNN and other left of center media shows. But Joe Bialek’s comment really comes from left field. It shows how panicked the Dems really are. They have no chance to remove Mr Trump by impeaching him and less than no chance to beat him in 2020 with any of the clowns running and against him. Jerry Brown, really. He is mostly responsible for ruining the great state of California.

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