Littering makes us sick

Our earth is amazing and if we do not take care of it, it will start to get sick then we will get sick. About 75 percent of people litter. Lots of that litter gets into the ocean and other parts of the earth and when animals eat that litter they get sick. If we eat these animals it gets all of us sick. So when people litter it can mess up the whole food chain.

Our earth is home to almost 8 billion people and people littering can cause pollution as well as illnesses.

The top 3 most common things to litter:

1. Cigarette butts

2. Food wrappers

3. Plastic bottles

A solution could be to get a trash can and an ashtray for your car. If everybody did that there would be less pollution and we would not get sick as much. But there are many other things that people litter such as food wrappers. These are one of the most common things to litter which can get into our ocean’s food supply like the fish we eat.

People think that if they just throw one thing out the window that it won’t hurt anything. But one piece of trash can lead to another until you just don’t care at all. This could kill lots of our earth including animals, plants and even trees which we need to breathe and live. So it’s important not to litter so you don’t hurt our planet.

Alexis Grant, 11 


Remember our blessings

A wish for 2020, the beginning of a new decade:

Here’s hoping the New Year will bring us healing. That we remember the blessings we have.

That we work together to make this world a strong, healthy, and safe place for everyone and leave a legacy for those coming after us. That we learn from our mistakes. That we always strive to do better and that we uphold the good that has been done. To honor our planet which sustains all life. To always embrace and practice truth, mercy, fairness and love.

Abraham Lincoln said, “The value of life is to improve one’s condition.”

Happy New Year and peace to everyone.

Evelyn Bryerton,


Impeachment questions

To these who say the impeachment is a sham I have a few questions. You would be OK in the 2008 election if there were any hint of foreign interference and our new president pooh-poohed this as a “witch hunt”? You would be OK if this president fired two attorneys general who did not stop any investigations into this matter? You would be OK when meeting this leader – our President telling him he believed him over our own intelligence agencies? You would be OK with this new President not hiding any conflict of interests concerning his businesses while serving as president? This is why I believe anyone else would have been impeached by now.

As to the current investigation – the Republicans have not pushed for witnesses “in the know” to testify, (former national security adviser John) Bolton, et. al. Oh, wait – Trump told them not to testify. Back in the day this would have been contempt of Congress.

The irony is this whole mess might have been avoided had the Republicans done their job. You know, that goofy old checks and balances thing. One wonders had they even written a letter to Trump telling him this stuff might be impeachable and would put them in a tight spot. They chose to be his toadies instead. Yet in all this I have hope. Whatever happens, God is with us.

Brian Hartman,


Will teachers rise up?

In the musical “Hamilton,” King George III sings “You’ll be back, soon you’ll see” to the colonists he claims as his “loyal, royal subjects.” This comes to mind as the Indiana General Assembly returns to town Jan. 6 for the short session. Legislators seem to think that public educators will just take whatever they dish out or that teachers aren’t watching what they do.

Just imagine: The lowest pay in the Midwest including Kentucky. Over 2,200 new regulations and requirements added in the last decade. Less input from educators as the governor appoints the state superintendent of public education. Over 50 percent decline in college students preparing to be teachers.

Actually, those are facts. Even Governor Holcomb agrees that we must change, but he’s willing to wait for a commission to report rather than provide true leadership for change.

Will teachers rise up? They’re more likely to move on – to other states or other professions. You see, they aren’t anyone’s subjects, and they can read the disrespect in your actions.

Might be a good time to change.

Chad Crabtree,


Happy holidays to Social Security

As the holidays approach we are reminded how the disability system is broken. Years of deliberate denials as many lose there homes and commit suicide. The disabled homeless for the holidays. A program that you pay into for years that was never there. It’s simple made hard. So happy holidays to an agency that has destroyed families and ruined the holidays.

James Yakym,



Jerry Brown, we need you

The entire list of Democratic candidates for president is discouraging if not outright depressing. Joe Biden will always be Mr. Touchy Feely. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren remind me of two ivory tower college professors way overdue for retirement. Pete Buttigieg is actually running for governor of Indiana. Amy Klobuchar needs to stay in the Senate since the legislative branch was her choice for representing Minnesota. As for the rest of the candidates in the private sector they need to run for city council first and then proceed from there.

On the other hand California recently lost the best four-term governor and Oakland the best two-term mayor in their entire history. I am referring of course to Jerry Brown. He is a man of utmost integrity with an honest zeal to promote excellent quality of life for all Americans not just those aligned with the Democratic party. And just as with former president Obama he can add a vice-presidential candidate who specialized in foreign affairs.

Jerry, it’s time to throw your hat into the ring and declare your candidacy for president of the United States. The world and the country desperately need you to put an end to Trumpism and lead us back to a time of peace and prosperity.

Joe Bialek,



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Wow, Brian Hartmans comments are not surprising, totally wrong as usual but not comments that we don’t hear every day on CNN and other left of center media shows. But Joe Bialek’s comment really comes from left field. It shows how panicked the Dems really are. They have no chance to remove Mr Trump by impeaching him and less than no chance to beat him in 2020 with any of the clowns running and against him. Jerry Brown, really. He is mostly responsible for ruining the great state of California.

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