Voice for Goshen residents

It is my pleasure to endorse Charles Mumaw as an excellent choice for council at-large in the upcoming Goshen city election. He has lived in our community for his entire adult life and knows what has and hasn’t worked in our community’s efforts to continually improve our city. He has over 25 years of financial experience which is so important in the council’s role in controlling revenues and expenditures in city government. His service on the Greencroft Goshen board of directors along with his extensive community volunteer activities prove his commitment to making Goshen a better place to live. Charles has the experience that will help make him an effective voice for Goshen residents.

As Goshen’s mayor from 1988 to 1997, I worked with many council members. Charles is qualified to perform admirably on our city council. I know that Charles Mumaw will serve you well and encourage you to support him with your vote.

Mike Puro,


Great friend, councilperson

Julia King has been my friend for more than 20 years, and she has served on the Goshen City Council for almost four years now. Many of the qualities that make her a great friend also make her a great councilperson. Her clear and honest way of expressing herself means that I always know where she stands. Julia actively seeks out opinions that differ from her own, so I feel sure that she will hear and consider whatever I might say. If there is something she doesn’t understand about my position, she will ask questions until she does understand. She never pretends to “get it” just to keep the conversation moving along.

I can’t imagine a more fitting choice for an at-large representative on Goshen’s city council than someone who works diligently and effectively to truly represent the citizens of Goshen. Julia King embodies my idea of what representative democracy is all about: ensuring that each person has an equal chance to be recognized and to be heard.

As a friend and as a councilperson, Julia is committed to open, honest dialogue, to asking hard questions that need to be asked, and to finding – and building – strength in community. I am privileged to call her my friend, and Goshen is fortunate to have her on the City Council. Please vote for Julia King, Goshen City Council at-large, on or before Nov. 5.

Patty French, 


Count on King to listen

Four years ago I voted for Julia King to fill an at-large position on the Goshen City Council. Gratefully for Goshen, Julia was elected and in my opinion has done an outstanding job in fulfilling the responsibilities as a member of the council.

I’ve known Julia for many years and have always considered her to be an intelligent, knowledgeable and caring person. Since she has been on the council, I’ve also been impressed by her commitment to transparency in local government, her desire to keep in touch with her constituents and her willingness to be open to differing opinions. She keeps constituents informed of upcoming council meetings and the agendas of those meetings by way of social media. She has expressed that it is the responsibility of the City Council to keep to their regularly scheduled meetings; that these meetings are an important means of communication between members of the community and their representatives. Julia has shown that it is vitally important for the council to take the well-being of the entire Goshen community into consideration when making decisions. I feel that Julia King is the type of representative that will listen to each of your concerns and take appropriate action.

I appreciate the good work that Julia has done on the council and I will vote for her to continue as an at-large representative in November.

Elizabeth Rinehart,



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