Fight song already known


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There is no difference Joe.


Ms Smith, how deceptive of you. You are confusing the situation at our southern border, people trying to illegally enter our country to take advantage of our out of control social welfare system, with people who actually need sanctuary like persecuted Christians in the Middle East. You liberals have no shame.

Joe King

just the persecuted how one sided, one minded you are... What about the hindus? muslims? Jews? You conservatives only care about yourself and no one else... We will pray for you and your soul to accept the teachings of the Chrisitan values you spew about...


Don't pray for me Joe, pray for the aborted babies who have no rights.

Joe King

Silly Sidearm...babies aren't aborted...A fetus is.....I pray you know the difference.


Who cares!!! I'm confused why America is always the mediator with these 3rd world countries, keep them out and let them solve their own problems. You should pray our tax dollars are used to fix this towns comical infrastructure. But since our Mayor doesn't mind if you're here legally, looks like the show is just beginning.

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