Hail to the victors, the undefeated among us: Frank O’Bannon, Julia and André Carson, Dan Coats, Mitch Daniels, Robert Orr, Lee Hamilton, Todd Young, Bob Knight’s 1976 Hoosiers, champions all in politics and sports.

In their time, they didn’t face the permanence of defeat and whether to accept such a fate.

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Still holding on to that leftist life and lies of a January 6 insurrection! Eh Wowey? The FBI says there was little if any evidence of a planned insurrection! But people like you continue to to lie, continue to embellish, and a lie told OVER And OVER becomes the truth. Nah! Wowey! TDS has poisoned you! Let me remind you ....the only person killed on January 6 was an unarmed female veteran. She was shot and murdered by Capitol police! But it's OK with you to back a possible addled, feckless old crooked man. Let's look at what's happened in just 8 short months. A closed a pipeline. Oil drilling curtailed. Gas ... a dollar more than last administration! Inflation rampant! A covid debacle and lie after lie after lie! A push to bankrupt our nation through a possible $5 trillion budget. We are going to tax the rich more and more! These companies are not paying their fair share! Same old hogwash from leftists. Crime has increased exponentially! Defund the police some more? weapons and supplies left in Afghanistan! Feckless Joe says we WILL NOT leave Americans behind! What a lie! And 13 brave U S military members murdered! Including a Hoosier! And the biggest lie told over and over and over...."Our borders are closed"!!! One extra question Wowey! What happened to those 1000s of people under the bridge? We know! Not covid tested. Live your lie Wowey. You ain't seen nothing yet!

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Joe King

See above comment for typical GOP denial response. Pay no attention to the arrest, plea deals, admissions of the trump supporters that injured capital police while they protected the same cowards who deny this happen. See above comment to reference the right wing, conspiracy lunatics that don’t believe Biden won, Hillary has child sex workers in a basement of a pizza shop….this is the new Republican Party platform….vote them out and bring in sane people.


As usual Joe you did not address any of the issues, just your typical copy and paste, conservatives bad, progressives good. There were zero guns found after the Protest. Only shots fired were by a cop that killed a female veteran who was not a threat to him or anyone else.

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