The pandemic has spun off a number of curve balls, from missing workers, to supply change disruptions and angry school board confrontations over masking. But if you’re a Hoosier mayor or city council member, well, grab your shades because the future is bright.

That’s because the Democratic-controlled Congress passed and President Biden signed the American Rescue Act, bringing more than $4 billion in federal emergency funds to the state, including $1.28 billion for cities and towns.

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Just a very simple question! Why would the City of Elkhart find it necessary to use the above Recovery Act money to buy a mini fleet of new Chevrolet Tahoes for the Fire Department. Average window sticker for the mid range Tahoe is over $55,000 X at least 4! When equipped with radios, lights and sirens, probably $60,000. And I'm almost sure, ALMOST, that they will have proper identification designating them as emergency vehicles! Almost!!!! I could be wrong but I believe the county sheriff designated his funds to his employees! Just sayin!


6 brand new Tahoes, all black, all are unmarked so no signs they are fire department vehicles, which is nice for going out to dinner or on vacation. They replaced 3 Ford Explorers that were less than 3 years old with very low mileage. All of these Tahoes are equipped with emergency lights and sirens, which should be a concern as I would question the last time any of the fire department administration has been through an emergency driving EVOC course? There was nothing wrong with the SUV's and pickup trucks that were being used. This was a want, not a need, and the council didn't bat an eye in approving it.


And we wonder why we are broke. We print another 2 or 3 trillion dollars and add to the debt. Howey really likes other peoples money, he’s a democrat.

Joe King

Og give billionaire and millionaires tax breaks they dont need and fails to trickle down....they hide their money and dont pay their fair them and corporations like we used to and make America great again


Joe, I’m noticing a trend with you. The later you post the snarkier your posts are. Why is that Joe? Once again, what is a fair share? How much do you pay Joe? Are you paying your fair share? Stop your party from giving away so much money and welfare that people no longer need to work to survive,

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