This past month, Indiana was bookended by two “thousand year” floods, coming in St. Louis and eastern Kentucky, in which at least 37 people were killed. This comes on the heels of a July 6 rainfall event in Fort Wayne that yielded nine inches, as well as a June 13 derecho that snapped hundreds of utility poles.

Then there was the Clear Lake fishkill up in Steuben County that DNR characterized as a “natural event” caused by extreme heat.

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Funding for global warming is the biggest hoax of our lifetime. Somebody read up on the age of the dinosaur era. The weather in Indiana was that of Florida. The Ice age then changed everything. The growth of man has been the biggest detriment to increased global weather issues. The massive cutting of trees, clearing of land and increased populations are to blame. Sure green energy makes sense, when it's introduced to the market in measured increments along side fossil fuels. Right on the heels of the COVID outbreak is NOT the time to force green energy on the economy.


Of COURSE we've warmed since the little ice age, which lasted from the early 14th century through the mid-19th century. This is not necessarily evidence of catastrophic global warming. Climate changes. Ok? It's not always man's fault.

Joe King

Um…your entitled to your ill informed thoughts, but not the facts. Science and the world disagrees with you. But good luck on that….


Old Brian Whoey! Just a few years ago we were going to freeze to death! So we drastically cut coal fired power plants. Cause we didn't want icicles dripping from our noses. 241 coal fired power plants in the US and dropping. While China builds many more as does India! Brandon closes pipelines, closes off ANWR, limits off shore drilling and restricts working profitable possible leases. Limiting more profitable drilling passes the cost on to who? The consumer! All the while stories about Al Gore, John Kerry, and many more flying private jets abound. At the same time PeteY wants to do away with racist roads, bridges, under and over passes! The ex Michigan Gov says we can get tax incentives for solar, for mini electric cars built in the US. People can't afford gas for our cars now. Let alone a rebate on a $60,000 vehicle that has a range of maybe 300 miles. Then must be recharged for long periods. Hmm.... Sounds like a plan! Doesn't it Whoey?

Joe King

Ahhhh, it funny to see the uneducated thoughts and listen to them spew talking points of an entertainment channel…..the thoughts of the Republcans…. errrrr the trumplicans….


Ole JoeY! What a card! The one from top of the deck....the Joker! Let's take Whoey's contention that Hoosiers will experience 125 degree days. Of course that's the feel like temp. So I did some research. Since 1897 Indiana has had 71 days of 100 or + temps. That's less than 2 per year. Guess what. 20 of those days came in "dust bowl years"!! And those weren't feel like temps. They were the real deal! Then there is the huge fish kill @ Clear Lake in Stueben County. According to the Department of Natural Resources..... natural thing. Clear Lake is a very shallow lake. Average depth 200 feet offshore? 6 feet! So don't look past your noses there Whowey and Joey! I leave with this. Edmond Mathez, curator. Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences states... glacial melt is cyclical. The last interglacial period was 125,000 years ago. The glaciers don't just MELT! They flow downhill like rivers of water! 125,000 years ago. The oceans were 13-20 higher!


Last Sunday, August the 14th I played golf in Elkhart in long pants and a jacket. It was a chilly 63 degrees. We experienced maybe a 10 day hot spell in July but have had a beautiful summer.

Just sayin…

Joe King

I ate a sandwich…global hunger is a hoax? Just sayin….

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