In 2011, then Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels praised Indiana’s first voucher program, stating, “Social justice has come to Indiana education.” The program meant low-income families could now access private schools. Daniels further explained, “The ability to choose a school that a parent believes is best for their child’s future is no longer limited to the wealthy.”

I imagine our former governor did not intend for his comment to extend to the “social justice education” we see in our classrooms today. Every day I hear complaints from Hoosier parents surrounding curriculum in our public schools promoting critical race theory and “equity.”

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita wrote this opinion column to coincide with National Charter School Week. 

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Wrong again Joe, I blame the teachers union and the school board. Many teachers do not belong to a corrupt union. They are not political people, just decent people trying to educate our children and teach the real history of our country, warts and all. My daughter overheard a conversation recently in a check out line. An elder lady was asked her age after requesting an senior discount. She told the clerk she was old enough to remember Pearl Harbor. The clerk looked puzzled and responded “Is that near Ocean City”?

Joe King

So now it’s about indoctrination? Get your story straight Indiana. What an embarrassment to the country. Indiana , we deserve better. Our kids deserve better. Our teachers and schools deserve better. The voucher system will be the slow death of the public education all so private schools can make money and not offer what the public school system are required to by law...


Todd Rokita is a liar. His opinion piece is grounded in lies. No one teaches, "all cops are inherently bad." AG Rokita is a step down from AG Hill who left office in disgrace. Indiana deserves better Attorney Generals than these clowns. I believe Todd fears social studies as it will show how malevolent, unjust and ethically impaired he is.


On one thing I will agree, Rokita is a step down from Curtis Hill who did not leave office in disgrace, he was railroaded by his own party of which Mr Rokita is also a member. However, Rokita is right about vouchers. It is the only protection that low income families have to sending their kids to failing schools run by the teachers unions.

Joe King

Sidearm blames teachers now....what’s next school nurses or bus drivers? 

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