Renewable energy sources and energy-savings programs are key elements of Indiana Michigan Power’s plans to power our customers’ energy needs today and into the future.

Recently (Feb. 21), energy efficiency and clean energy were among the topics when I&M leaders met with a number of our customers and advocacy organizations to discuss the company’s next Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). The IRP involves a detailed discussion and analysis of the resource options available in developing a plan to best serve our customers. This was the third of four scheduled meetings with various stakeholders.

While details are still being discussed, I&M’s generation will be a key focus in the plan. We want our customers to know where I&M stands today and understand the progress the company has made in diversifying our generation fleet:

n In 2017 and 2018, two-thirds of the energy I&M provided our customers was from emission-free resources.

n I&M’s commitment to large-scale renewable energy dates back more than a decade, when the company began using wind energy from a Hoosier wind farm to serve our customers. Today, I&M’s generation resources include 450 megawatts of energy from three Indiana wind generation farms – enough to power more than 100,000 homes.

n I&M also was the first Indiana energy company to build, own and operate a solar generation facility. Combined, I&M’s four solar facilities generate enough energy to power 2,000 homes.

n I&M’s generation fleet also includes the Cook Nuclear Plant, which generates up to 2,278 megawatts of energy with no emissions, and six hydro-electric plants.

n American Electric Power, I&M’s parent company, recently announced it is purchasing seven large-scale wind farms, including one in Indiana and another in Michigan.

At I&M, we are focused on building the future of energy service for our customers. I&M is already responsibly transitioning to more diverse energy resources. I&M continues to balance the value of more diverse generation sources with costs to our customers and the obligation to reliably supply our customers – ranging from the smallest homes to the largest factories.

In addition to other forms of generation, I&M also offers customers a variety of valuable energy efficiency programs that reduce the amount of energy used by customers, which also reduces emissions. In the past three years, our programs helped customers reduce their energy use significantly – enough to power more than 32,000 homes for a year.

I&M thanks those who are participating in the Integrated Resource Plan process, which you can learn more about at We greatly value input from Hoosiers who genuinely value a greener energy future.

Toby Thomas is president and chief operating officer of Indiana Michigan Power.

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