There was one key moment during the 2016 vice presidential debate between Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and Democrat U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine. Pence was pressed on why he backed a ban on Syrian refugees.

“I have no higher priority than the safety and security of the people of my state. So you bet I suspended that program,” Pence responded to Kaine. “And I stand by that decision. And if I’m vice president of the United States or Donald Trump is president, we’re going to put the safety and security of the American people first.”

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Give it a rest with personal insults Joe, it is getting old. I realize it is your go to response when you have no answer. Just defend the platform of the Dems, Medicare for all, reparations etc etc. Cat got your tongue?



Poor Joe! Suffering from the deliriums again! I went over and over sidearms 4 posts. I saw no reference to Harris's race or skin color. Fact is she did have an affair with Willie Brown and he did move her along. It's common knowledge! And misogyny works for you! Eh Joe? She bragged about all those weed users and dealers she put away, while tokin down the road! She even admitted it on TV!


He’s not Donald Trump, that’s all you’ve got? The Dem platform is defenseless and you should admit it. Biden has been in the government for 40 plus years, mostly aa a bumbling cartoon character who has made his whole family rich swimming in the swamp. Bush won’t speak because Trump hurt his brother’s feelings and exposed the families ties to globalism, not a big loss to the president. And really, a BLM peaceful demonstration, destroyed private property and trespassing in a large group threatening the home owners. They are being prosecuted by a whacked out liberal prosecutor bought and paid for by George Sonos. Are you proud of that Joe? The people have had enough of this behavior and will be heard in November loud and clear. Maybe you should move to Portland. You will find some support there.


"He’s not Donald Trump, that’s all you’ve got?"

That may be enough. After all, "he's not Hillary Clinton" got Trump elected. Swing voters can see the emperor has no clothes.


I guess we will have to wait and see Fly. Your handle indicates you were military. If so , Thankyou!! How can you support the socialism and worse coming if Biden wins.

Joe King

Hey Sidearm, you mention your against socialism while yet supporting the military....Look up the word socialism...while you are there, look up oxymoron.... No wonder you vote for trump.... Do you agree with Trump that the Spanish Flu of 1918 ended WW2 as well? Good Grief....and you vote?


Well Joe, I see you can’t defend her or the platform. You hurling insults my way is a typical response from a liberal. You don’t know me but you insult me because you have no argument or defense for you party.

BTW, I have 4 sisters, 3 daughters and 4 grand daughters and they love me.

Joe King

You call a successful black woman “ Her reputation and career started with her on her knees. “. Do you speak to your 4 sisters, 3 daughters or 4 grand daughters with the same mouth? Do you think the same thing when you see them? Your antiquated, misogynistic views will be dying out...your on the wrong side of history.


Still no defense of the Dem platform Joe? Slander me all you want Joe, I don’t care. You have no defense for the direction your party wants to take us. Trump 2020...

Joe King

Sidearm, do I really need to defend the Democratic platform to you? I can easily just say "It's not Trump"....Or "make America sane again", or "The party looks like the rest of America", or "Biden, he won't be in jail" or "Biden, he believes in science"...

Don't you think it weird that the only past GOP president, won't endorse Trump or speak at their convention? Yet, the past Democrat presidents all have? That the republican gop convention will have the man and wife who pointed guns at peaceful BLM protesters, will be speaking instead?

It's not slander if I am quoting you directly...those are your words....own it since you are proud to write it down... I pray your female relatives don't work for someone with your misogynistic views...


Can’t wait for Mr Pence to prove you wrong. You are assuming we all hold the President responsible for the virus, he is not. he closed borders and the press and the left pounced on him. Since then he has done everything the “experts” advised and by closing down the greatest economy the country has ever seen, you blame him for a bad economy.

Mrs Harris has many skeletons in her closet but Mr Pence, being a Christian gentleman will not go there. The debate will be decided on policy issues and unfortunately Mrs Harris feels strongly on both sides of a position. Less than 2% of Democrats embraced her when she ran for president, She is perfect for the Liberal ticket.

Joe King

Sidearm, please say the whole truths....He only restricted the borders to non-nationals, yet allowed citizens to travel back no, he did not close the borders, he restricted them. He hasn't done everything. There was a pandemic response team set up and had plans for this...just in case...and he did not follow them. There is NO national response. He claimed it was a hoax, he solved it, it would magically disappear, and that kids are immune...not true...government offices closed, yet he wants kids to go back.. I doubt pence will debate harris....I don't think he is allowed to speak to other woman other than his wife, unless is wife is who knows....she will own him!


So Joe, are you denying that Biden was critical of the border being closed to the Chinese?

He never called the virus a hoax, just the left’s hysteria about it being his fault. Please provide the source for your pandemic response plan.

Mrs Pence should be a little about her husband being on the stage with Harris. Her reputation and career started with her on her knees. But he will destroy her on policy alone. Reparations, raise taxes and condone rioting and looting. Oh I forgot, gut the military. Did I leave anything out, oh yes, Medicare for all, citizen or not. Good luck with that plan. When is joe coming out of his basement?

(Edited by staff.)

Joe King

Sidearm, you don’t know whether to attack her because of her race or because she is a woman...your misogynistic views are going thru for all to see.. “ Her reputation and career started with her on her knees.”. Your wife and daughter must be proud....disgusting comment

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