Our country needs a patriot today and he’s already here


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Unlike many countries around the world we have been blessed with freedoms of all kinds that constitute the tenets of our democracy. Voting is one of them.As a free democracy we have to remember that many people have died and fought for a number of reasons especially the right for all citizens to vote. In America, a vote is a powerful form of expression ensured by the government to protect the right of our voices to be heard.Forged by the bravery of many men and women who sacrificed their lives for it, the right to vote is a vital expression of our disapproval or approval of a given form of government.At times, when voting looked challenging and appalling, deciding between lesser of the two evils for example, the core purpose of voting did not change at all. It was and it has been working as a legitimate force for change hand! ed un! to the people by our forefathers to improve our societies; a formal indication that major or often minor things have to be immediately changed or removed. Overtime, it made us responsible citizens who care about their own future deeply enough.Our future now depends on how much we are aware of our problems. The right vote should only go to the candidates who address the issues we have as they are and say it as it is.If we want to stay away from plunging deeper and deeper into the worst problems as huge as illegal immigrants, almost 19 trillion dollars of debt, a broken education system, drugs, widespread injustice and inequality, radical Islamic terrorism … etc, we just have to demand a “patriotically correct” point of view from an electable candidate. To go forward, we need it. And democracy needs it too.Today in America, we need a candidate that questions the unquestionable, fights for our deeply concerning issues, stands firm in face of threats again! st our country, does not always play by the rules ( for just being “politically correct” ), does something no other fellow from his party have the audacity to do. And I suggest Donald Trump is the best option that we could have to make a difference. I believe in him. I believe in him because, following him throughout his campaign, I feel he means he will fight for America and restore our state of democracy with his proven records. I have enough confidence in him. And I see my future and the future of my generation brighter and better with him.After all, democracy needs a patriot to survive before it exhausts itself.

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