We are members of the seventh grade choir at West Side Middle School. For the past few weeks we have been discussing how Dr. Haworth wants to merge Elkhart Memorial and Elkhart Central into one school, and we think it is a good Idea because it will improve the choirs.Schools with higher enrollment rank higher at ISSMA contests. This year at ISSMA, North Central High School came in first place with 3,636 students enrolled. For mixed choirs, Franklin Central came in first place at ISSMA this year with 2,648 students enrolled. Both of these schools have a lot more students enrolled which proves larger schools rank better at ISSMA.This year, none of the choirs from Memorial or Central were in the top 10 choirs at the state ISSMA finals. Elkhart Memorial has 1,736 students enrolled and Elkhart Central has 1,773 students enrolled. Those larger schools have at least 41% more students, causing them to rank higher at ISSMA. If the Elkhart schools merge to one high school, then they will have a more competitive choir and a better chance at winning ISSMA which might also cause students to stay in our district.In conclusion, if Elkhart Central and Elkhart Memorial merge together, they will have more students enrolled and will be more likely to rank higher at ISSMA contests. This is why we encourage Elkhart Community Schools to merge the two high schools.Thank You,Madison Gray and Stefanie Warren

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Creates serious concern as the end goal is better education for all not the few that will make it to the top. Merge the schools and see half the opportunities for tennis, track, football, basketball, swimming, debate, orchestra, band cheer-leading, choir, and most everything colleges look for placement and scholarship. Yes Elkhart will become a powerhouse for those that are the top 10-15 in these categories, but the 15-35th student just lost. Teach don't predict who goes to college and who is a trades person. Allow students their individual maturation rate not a predetermined blue print to push them through a process.


Dave, I'm guessing that you haven't had kids in school in recent years because the entire process is designed to hold high achievers back. "Teaching to the test" whole premise is that we must bring the low achievers up, so that is what classrooms have become. As for teaching trades, our legislators no longer feel that is of value because educational requirements all revolve around academia.

One more thing, whether the schools merge or don't shouldn't be based on "half the opportunities" but should be based on the ability to provide a higher quality education for all. Haworth still hasn't made his case for that either.


Thank you Mr Henke, you hit the nail on the head.


Just remember, it's NOT about athletics. Say it over and over and over and over and over until you believe it! If you still aren't convinced, say it over and over and over some more until you do. (PS it IS about athletics).

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