The Latest: Obama: Time not on side of US-Europe trade deal


I support president Obama’s actions he is taking against the terrorists. I think that he is doing everything he can to not start another world war by not just going and destroying cities, and by trying to hunt the leaders down is a good tactic.

The people in my community do not want to have to worry about terrorist attacks and loved ones dying. We want to feel safe and protected at all times. By president Obama fighting the problem it gives everyone a feeling of security knowing we will win at the end of the day because we have too. I personally do not want to always feel like someone is trying to kill me just because I am an American.

I feel that there could be more that could be done. This country doesn’t need any more threats and problems than it already has from people not even in the country or trying to get in to destroy it. We need to stop the problem as quickly and as well as possible to show this country and others that we are still powerful. This country needs to feel untouchable again by taking the terrorist issue away.

This is why I encourage you to support the bill that doesn’t allow terrorists to buy weapons. We have to do anything we can to try to make it more difficult on these people.



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