Indianapolis man buys 2 $1M tickets in 3 months


When I travel the great state of Indiana, I’m commonly asked questions about the good causes the Hoosier Lottery supports. Hoosiers frequently want to know exactly how lottery funds benefit our state.

Since the lottery’s inception in 1989, Hoosier Lottery profits have been directed by the Indiana General Assembly to fund a variety of good causes. They include the Build Indiana Fund, and the pension and retirement funds of those who serve our local communities and work to build a stronger, safer, smarter Indiana. These are our Hoosier firefighters, police officers and teachers. The month of May is filled with recognition for our heroes, including National Teacher Day (May 3), International Firefighters’ Day (May 4) and National Police Week (beginning May 15). These recognition days are an excellent opportunity to thank our Hoosier firefighters, police and teachers.Each year, the Hoosier Lottery contributes $60 million to those who serve in our communities, with funds being split equally between local police and firefighters’ pension funds and the Teachers’ Retirement Fund. That adds up to more than $1.3 billion in support over the decades – and it is all thanks to our Hoosier Lottery players. Let’s all take a moment to honor our local heroes. Today, and every day, the Hoosier Lottery thanks those who serve our local communities and work to build a stronger, safer, smarter Indiana.SARAH M. TAYLORExecutive Director

Hoosier Lottery

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