Letter: Grateful for customer service from Elkhart Forestry Department


I called the Forestry Department today and want to let Mayor Tim Neese know about my wonderful encounter with Chip Tallman, the city forester.

I live at 1206 Strong Ave. and had a tulip tree planted last year (an ash tree which was previously planted in this spot a few years ago was infested, diseased and had to be removed). A second tulip tree was also supposed to be planted in front of my house last year but inclement weather caused this to be put on hold.

Chip was professional, polite and very informative. When I told him I misplaced our "tree planting guide" from last year he offered to drop one off on his way home from work.

In today's world, quality customer service and courteous behavior are rare. We are reminded of this on a daily basis.

It felt like a breath of fresh air today when I encountered someone pleasant, who knew what he was talking about and was informative. A person who was actually courteous and professional.

The city of Elkhart is lucky to have him. Chip Tallman is a keeper.



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