Letter: Ending reliance on coal isn't good for economy


Jack Thomas of Goshen is right to be skeptical of the idea that humans control Earth’s climate.

Across the developed world, governments are yielding to activists and closing coal-fired power plants to reduce carbon dioxide emissions that, so they tell us, are causing dangerous climate change. The results are catastrophic.

Take Ontario, where I live, for example.

In 2003, we had fully a quarter of our electricity generated by plants burning inexpensive and abundant coal and we had the lowest electricity rates in Canada. But the government decided to totally phase out coal to supposedly stop climate change. Now, with none of our power generated by coal, our power rates have soared by an incredible 418 percent since 2003. The province lost at least 300,000 manufacturing jobs in the last 15 years and one in 20 businesses now plan to shut their doors by 2020, according to the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

Things will be even worse for the U.S. if you continue current plans to end America’s use of coal for electricity. After all, the U.S. gets 37 percent (84 percent in Indiana) of its power from coal. Imagine electric rates so high that, as in Ontario, 5 percent of all businesses predict their own demise four short years from now.

Ontarians were too frightened of environmentalists to oppose the plan to end coal-fired power generation. As a consequence, we are now dependent on the charity of more wealthy provinces to survive. Who will bail out the U.S. if you follow our tragic example?


Executive Director, International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC)

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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