Elkhart Interurban Trolley riders may finally get indoor waiting area


Central student walks from the school to the career center. Which bridge across the St. Joseph River should the student use?

I have walked from the Goshen Avenue area to the career center to get a haircut in about an hour.

Geographically, LaPorte and Elkhart counties have some similiarities. Both are among the largest Indiana counties in land area. LaPorte has 21 townships while Elkhart has 16 townships. Can you name any other Indiana counties with more than 16 townships?

Elkhart County has a little over 200,000 residents while LaPorte County has a little over 100,000 residents. Major city in both counties is in the northwest area with the county seat near the center of the county.

The transit system in Michigan City has four routes as does Elkhart. Transfer point in both cities is near the library and courthouse. Transit buses in Michigan City then new trolleys in Eklhart. Why? Michigan City buses are level. This makes it easier to transport multiple passengers in a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

New trolleys in Elkhart have bells, whistles and gadgets that are unnecessary. Remember KISS. That’s Keep It Simple Stupid. The more bells, whistles and gadgets make maintenance more complex. Additionally, the Michigan City buses are made by Supreme Industries in Goshen.

Currently, there is a Trolley stop at the southwest corner of the education complex along California Road. There needs to be a Trolley stop at the stoplight between Memorial High School and the Elkhart Area Career Center. MACOG, how long will it take to do this?



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