The way to reduce taxes on ordinary people and small businesses and farmers is to part ways with the tea party that is mainly helping the super rich!

Flat taxes will mostly help the super rich that are getting so rich that they are becoming a danger to the rest of the country . We can simplify and streamline government by focusing efforts on making government more efficient and not by not funding needed programs while costs rise. We may need 20 or 30 different tax rates in a simplified tax table system instead of complicated instructions.

By eliminating all deductions except business expenses we can begin taxing individuals after the first $50,000 dollars of income. With no math needed you would look-up your income in the tables and get you tax due amount. You would then subtract to determine whether you owe taxes or have a refund owed to you. This would be a simpler system and would of course have a column for those filing jointly.

By using a parabolic curve to distribute tax rates we would collect higher taxes form the super rich while allowing families, small businesses, and farmers to keep more and even reinstate small business and farm loans to create more jobs. Rather than continue to have 12 to 14 different types of health care programs plus many insurance companies making a profit and raising costs a single-payer system with anti-fraud, unreasonable charge, and high cost provisions would save billions of dollars even in reduced paper work.



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