In the last several weeks, The Elkhart Truth endorsed five candidates who will be on the ballot in Tuesday’s primary election. 

The Truth’s Editorial Board, consisting of the publisher and four senior editors, met with candidates and endorsed candidates we feel would best serve the residents of northern Indiana in general and Elkhart County in particular.

Here’s a recap of those endorsements:

State Senate District 12: Joanna King and Blake Doriot are running as Republicans

Our choice: Joanna King

Our take: “King has presented a stronger plan and has demonstrated being able to stand apart from the party if needed. Her skills would serve the voters of northern Indiana well in Indianapolis. She has demonstrated the ability to listen to people and to lead during her time on the (Middlebury) School Board, which she says she was told was a ’good old boys club’ before she joined.

“The majority of her platform is built on education issues. Doriot said he doesn’t want to focus so much on one issue, but Indiana needs a lot of help and leadership on that issue at the moment. The problems with ISTEP, with the grading of schools and the bickering between Gov. Mike Pence and State Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz, could use someone who has experience and perspective on that issue. King could offer that.”

Elkhart County commissioner, District 2: Marc Yoder and Mike Yoder (incumbent) are running as Republicans

Our choice: Mike Yoder

Our take: “Marc Yoder wants conservatives and other millennials to get active politically, even get riled up. Kudos to him for stepping forward, running for office and speaking his mind. His political engagement has made this a better democratic process.

“He doesn’t yet exhibit the temperament or leadership that shows he could work with two other commissioners as a team that, along with other state and local leaders, will help the county grow.

“Mike Yoder, for the most part, has done that and truly knows the issues. He’s willing to take risks and step into the fray in a way that few county officials are. That’s leadership and it’s the kind that the county needs, even though he’s not always right.”

Elkhart County Commissioner, District 3: Suzie Weirick, Randall Perry and Doug Graham running as Republicans

Our choice: Suzie Weirick

Our take: “In her campaign, Weirick has demonstrated that she’s ready to the job and we endorse her in the primary.

“She’s not a native, but rather is someone who chose with her family to move to Elkhart County rather than Granger or elsewhere. She professes love for this county and what’s happening here. She sees threads of planning conversations, of groups working to make the community better and said, “I think I can bring some people together.

“The role of the county commissioner is to oversee the county’s employees and handle legislative matters. While the County Council approves the budget and handles fiscal responsibilities, the commissioners play a key role in determining how efficiently the county can operate.”

U.S. Representative, District 2: Jackie Walorski (incumbent) and Jeff Petermann are running as Republicans

Our choice: Jackie Walorski

Our take: “U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski likes to cast herself as the soldier fighting for the folks back home.

“And in her 3½ years in Congress, Indiana’s 2nd District representative has championed a handful of causes for veterans, national defense and her opposition to the Affordable Care Act.

“In the May 3 primary, Republicans will have a chance to once again support her or consider an alternative in Jeff Petermann for the party’s nominee. Despite a few reservations about Walorski, it is very clear that she deserves the nomination from her party.”

U.S. Representative, District 2: Lynn Coleman and Doug Carpenter are running as Democrats

Our choice: Lynn Coleman

Our take: “With his extensive background in public service, Coleman is better suited. Coleman worked for 23 years with the South Bend Police Department and then 12 years as the assistant to former South Bend Mayor Steve Luecke.

“Coleman said he’s not running against incumbent Rep. Jackie Walorski as much as he is running to give a voice and an ear to the entire district.”


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