The Trump Haters in Washington are desperate.

They can’t find a way to bring down the president, so they’re carpet bombing everyone around him.

Their latest victim is Ronny Jackson - the White House doctor the president chose to become the new secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Dr. Jackson - a Navy rear admiral - has decided not to pursue the job.

Some people thought he didn’t have the experience to run the VA, which last I saw took care of 9 million vets with almost 400,000​ bureaucrats.

But his administrative skills weren’t what sunk him​. It was the slimy attack on his moral ​​character by Trump-hating Democrats and their pals in the liberal media.

Until about half an hour ago everyone loved the good doctor.

He was a great guy, a good man. He had worked for both President Obama and President George W. Bush.

Then came the unsubstantiated and anonymous attacks. Suddenly, Dr. Jackson was Public Enemy Number One.

He was basically ​accused in the media ​of being a drug dealer, ​an alcoholic and, worst of all these days, being a boss who created a toxic workplace environment.

Rather than be trashed in public, he withdrew his name.

The attack on Dr. Jackson’s morals​ reminds me of the cheap remark made about President Trump by James Comey, the former FBI director, admitted leaker and professional truth-stretcher.

​Comey ​has famously said he doesn’t think Donald Trump has the moral qualifications to be president.

During his triumphant book tour I’ve been waiting for one of Comey’s ​friendly ​interviewers to ask if he thought Hillary was morally qualified to be president in 2016.

Or if he thought lying about Benghazi, erasing emails, destroying hard drives, attacking the women who accused her husband of rape, etc., etc., did not ​disqualify her?

And what about her husband Bill, who would have been her co-president?

Did Mr. Comey think Bill ​has​ the moral qualifications to be trusted with the keys to the White House again - and left alone with the interns?

While we’re asking, ​​does ​Comey think JFK was morally qualified in 1960. Or ​do ​serial philandering ​and adultery not ​count​?​

JFK was not morally qualified to be Prez ​- even by today’s standards.

But he stared down the Soviets in Cuba, pushed for lower taxes and built a strong military.

​So ​​d​o I really care who ​Jack ​was diddling in his spare time? Not really.

Comey’s remark about Donald Trump’s morals was not just another of his cheap shots. It was also a dumb ​thing to say.

​J​immy Carter was probably the most morally qualified human on the planet ever to be president.

​What did he accomplish?

​He gave Iran to the mullahs and he gave the rest of us gas lines, a dead economy and a sky-high ‘Misery Index’ (the rate of inflation plus the rate of unemployment).

Carter proved there’s no connection between a president’s good or bad private morals and his ability to be a good or bad president.

​Trump’s doing the same thing.

Despite his less-than-saintly morals and his other faults, so far he’s given us tax cuts, a strong economy and historically low black and Latino unemployment rates.

Plus he looks like he’s on the verge of solving the North Korean nukes problem after three decades.

​Of course it won’t matter what President Trump accomplishes.

Democrats and the liberal media will never give him credit for anything.

They hate him more than ever, but now they’re beginning to realize they can’t bring him down for collusion or anything else.

That’s why they’ve begun attacking the moral qualifications of people who want to work for President Trump like Dr. Jackson.

More than 200 of Trump’s appointments are being held up. Good luck to them if they’ve ever had a speeding ticket.

The way things are going now,Trump’s enemies would not support Jesus Christ for secretary of anything because he was pro-life, was seen talking to prostitutes and turned water into wine without a permit.

Michael Reagan is the son of President Ronald Reagan, a political consultant, and the founder of the email service and president of The Reagan Legacy Foundation. 

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global hoosier

I've shaken Jimmy's hand after SS class in Plains.
Trump is no Carter


Thank goodness. Carter was a terrible President. He couldn't even save his own county. It's listed 36 out of 50 as a place where the American dream died. That said. I do believe he is a decent man with his charitable venture.


He sure isn’t, Carter was the worst president ever !

Joe King

over Nixon? Over comrade Drumpf? Ha...I needed that laugh today...


Johnnie lynn you seem to want to inform and change mind sets. . A suggestion from an old out of the box commenter. Write your passions to let those those that do the manipulating, even at the local level, know that there are those that are not swept up in their hypnosis. . Better to let the warden know that we are onto him rather than try and educate a fearful zombie fellow prisoner. There are those that will always be watching the courageous speak truth to power even if they do not join the courageous. Just a suggestion.

Johnnie Lynne

First, I personally didn't like Trump BEFORE he was president.
Yes, I voted for Obama, ONCE (the first time) and YES, I DID end up with voters remorse, BECAUSE he too, wanted another war or "occupation" or just bomb the heck out of Syria because they are 1) oil rich, 2) want another pipeline to supply Europe (WE want that money and need their money) 3) they DO NOT want to use the Petrodollar any longer to bypass America's sanctions (America's oil currency-ALL oil in the world is traded in Petrodollars). I was disgusted with him over Benghazi and sure as heck DID NOT want Hillary to be ANYWHERE NEAR the White House again. I DO NOT like Dick Cheney, Joe (the creepy creeper) Biden or Mike Pence. ALL of these people (and nearly all that sit in a "captain's chair" who run our country) LIE to us, PROTECT THEMSELVES by passing "immunity" laws, and do some of the most TREASONOUS acts (ie. John McCain "sneaking across the border to meet with the FSA and provide them weapons-supposedly to kill Assad) and I couldn't care less WHO ANY of them are "diddling" or sleeping with BUT I DO care WHO they bank with and "kanoodle" with over $$!! OH, YES I DO!
While they (ALL sides of the political spectrum) accuse, point fingers and deny FACTS (like how our economy REALLY IS like a house of cards) just to make YOU believe "you live in the greatest country". GET OVER YOURSELVES, the ONLY thing we are #1 at IS WAR! Our Arms sales are the HIGHEST of ANY nation and NOW we don't care WHO gets the weapons as long as we are making money!! (
Listening to the people who have "a side" (dem vs. rep) y'all sound ridiculous. WHEN you realize that it's NOT "a side" but just "ingredients" that make up the whole poisonous stew they feed us, ONLY THEN will you realize WHAT KIND of America we REALLY live in! p.s. Divide and conquer is STILL working on you!

Joe King

Trump and Morals have no place being in the same sentence. He lacks all and is completely void of morals... Tick tock....won't be long before comrade trump and his goons will be arrested for money laundering, collusion and hindering justice... GOP owns this mess now....just watching it implode...


By failing to acknowledge the obvious moral and criminal problems with the clintons, you expose your obvious hypocrisy and disqualify you from any intelligent debate on the issue.


How long does it take to bring up the Clinton's in a discussion about our current president? Not long, not long at all. #whataboutism


Joe, I hope like heck you aren't going to tell me that Democrats are moral after what happened in DC over the weekend. We've been hearing about collusion for a long time now and even a Trump-hating Obama appointee can't find anything that sticks after nearly two years of ideological "investigation". You need to stop drinking the koolaide Joe. I don't have any idea how any kind of person with a brain that works can support what happened in Dc over the weekend, much less support the ideology those folks espouse.

Joe King

nothing happened unless you call the release of questions for Drumpf or the top aides to the EPA suddenly leaving while being investigated...


Well, you just proved my point, Joe.


Folks, Presidential morals ? Presidents have to be near evil and certainly psychopathic to be the front men for the corporate imperialists that go around the planet murderously destabilizing the third world that have the resources we need and then there are those pesky out right military actions where millions of innocent civilians have died - for the theft of natural resources. Theft! I say these columnists from the left and right are certainly psychopathic and evil because they know what is going on and put forth these silly descriptions of things . Folks, millions of innocent civilians have died over the last century so that we in the first world can steal their wealth. The corporate overlord's head puppet for the show that hides the slaughter can not be called moral. Or you can call me silly if none of the slaughter for resources happened. But if they did. Be brave folks, and think a little.

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