You watch Fox News – “We love President Trump.”

You watch MSNBC or CNN – “We hate President Trump.”

Is there any other news going on in the world that isn’t about Trump?

I swear, if the World Trade Center had come down yesterday, the top story today in the mainstream media would be all about Donald Trump.

What did he do wrong or not do? Say or not say?

While Trump and his daily reality TV show have become a profit center for the media, the rest of us can’t even mention his name.

Trump has become a cuss word – “Trump you! Trump you and your whole family!”

I can remember when everybody in the media loved Trump before they hated Trump.

CNN loved him to have him on their air because he could be counted on to bring higher ratings.

Going back five, 10 or 15 years ago, when Trump was a celebrity billionaire golfer from New York, every TV network or cable channel courted him because they knew he’d drive up their audience numbers.

Now you have two angry Love Trump/Hate Trump camps holed up in their own media bunkers, talking only to their hardcore followers.

For me, it’s sad to see that nobody is willing to have a fruitful conversation with the other side the way they did when my father was in Washington.

On Tuesday, when we marked my dad’s 107th birthday at the Reagan Library, his chief of staff, James Baker III, reminded us how my father dealt with his opponents.

He never demeaned or degraded them or called them names.

And even if they didn’t agree with him politically, or were supporting some other Republican for president, they liked him personally.

Baker was a perfect example.

My father hired him to be his chief of staff after he had run two tough presidential primary campaigns against him, one for Gerald Ford in 1976 and one for George H.W. Bush in 1980.

Unlike Trump, who constantly uses tweets to attack his critics and opponents, my father always took the high road.

When he was in a debate he didn’t try to destroy people. He knew at some point he’d have to go back and work with them to get things done.

That’s how he and Tip O’Neill were able to get the largest tax break in American history passed through Congress in 1981.

It’s almost impossible to make that kind of deal anymore in Washington. We live in a very angry, angry time, and President Trump doesn’t seem to want to do anything to make people get along any better.

Meanwhile, both parties in Congress want 100 percent of everything they desire, and when they do come to a rare agreement like they did Wednesday on the bipartisan budget deal, there are people who can’t control their anger.

The two-year budget, which adds $300 billion in spending to the federal deficit, has made the military and national security folks happy, but it has set some fiscal hawks’ hair on fire.

It’d be nice to think that the rare display of bipartisanship on the federal budget is a sign that good things are going to start happening in Congress.

But it’s really just the latest proof that there’s only one thing that can consistently bring the two parties in Congress together – spending money it doesn’t have.

Michael Reagan is the son of President Ronald Reagan, a political consultant, and the author of “The New Reagan Revolution” (St. Martin’s Press). He is the founder of the email service and president of The Reagan Legacy Foundation. Visit his websites at and Send comments to Follow @reaganworld on Twitter.

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Joe King

Ha, we just find out today that trumps lawyer has been lying and he did pay an adult movie actress to keep quite of an affair he had when his 3rd wife was pregnant with Barron....still defending this embarrassment? Again it’s the party over principles...


I saw the CNN story, I’m sure that’s where you saw it. Was Trump in public office then, NO. Was Trump a private citizen then, YES. What people do with their private lives is their business, unlike the crooked clintons who performed their dirty deeds while in public office. This ridiculous fake news claim has been denied by all parties. Your double standard is showing thru crystal clear. We are not that stupid joe and until you and your party realize that, better get used to being the minority party.


Were you this enraged with Bill Clinton. Of course you weren't. And how does this relate to Russian collusion? Your party is grasping at straws and the world is laughing at you.

Joe King

Glad you finally admitted to the Russian Collusion now....yes, it is possible to do multiple bad lying to the public about the wife beater x2 wives in the white house!..white house didn't know, then they did know, be he is an ok guy, then they did know and they are outraged.....while lying to the public saying they knew nothing...there's your GOP president and their values...


Russian Collusion based on a document that even the author has admitted as being falsified, bought and paid for by the Clinton's, and collusion between the FBI and CIA about withholding important information from the FIFSA Court? That collusion? 2 years and an Obama appointee and Trump hater can't come up with anything? Maybe it's time to move on.


You continually add your own diluted so called facts! The lawyer never claimed to have "paid off" anyone. For anything! The woman in question has always denied the money was hush money. Now we can't say all Presidents are above board. You know Jack Kennedy loved many women, from interns to mafia mols. Whether it was 19 year old White House interns to Marilyn Monroe... and Bobby joined in. While Teddy just killed them. Then there was another infamous intern that favored blue dresses. Then Bill lied to congress. Was impeached. And all numbers of women he assaulted STILL claim he did! And yes Bill paid some off ! Keep your facts Joe King. You MUST be "joking".


I didn't realize having an affair was illegal, but then the Dems have come up with all manner of creative laws that Trump has broken. It's just too bad none of them were applied to Obama, he wouldn't have lasted a day.

Joe King

i love are all going crazy over this....and the family christian values of the adult movie star.. Really???...but his lawyer paid her off so she wouldn't say anything prior to the election....there is your morals and values in your face! You are denying just like Trump still does, even while his attorney goes on National News and says,,,,yep, I lied, I did giver her money to keep quite.....I suppose you are ok with wife beaters in the white house too...I mean besides Drumpf of course...


Oh I am sure more than living in angry angry times we live in really stupid stupid times to fall for this corporate imperialist dog and pony show. Nice try though .

common sense

What did Trump do to deserve this hate? Simple, he beat Hillary Clinton. That was not supposed to happen. The Dems and Media had cleared the road for her victory. She would be touted as the great feminist, first female President. The Democratic primary was a sham and the investigation into her crimes was a sham. Only one problem, the average, working class citizen doesn't like her and her I'm better and know better than you attitude. The Dems probably ran the one candidate that Trump could beat and now they are embarrassed and have to find an excuse. It can't be that she was just a terrible candidate because they know better than us.


and make up outrageous stories because they think we are sttupid

concerned citizen

First of all Mrs. Clinton received 3 million more votes than orange hair and the combination of the constant pounding of her from the Freedom Caucus and Mr. Comey's second venture into her e-mails probably cost her the election. I'll bet a lot of those swing voters are sorry they pulled the lever form Rump. The Democrates do not hate Rump, they just hate that somebody so despicable and incompetent is occupying the White House. He is embarrassing the country. Mrs. Clinton, the GOP baseless attacks not withstanding, has been an outstanding public servant and both a Senator and the Sec of State. To imply that she would be worse for the U.S than Fishlips is ludicrous.


Just shows how far we have come as a Country....our current President of the United States makes Ronald Reagan look like a reasonable man, wishing we could have as much fun with the first lady as we did with Nancy......


Concerned, We don't know how many votes Hillary actually received. Based on my own research I have found that in 72% of the precincts she won, there were more votes cast than voters registered.

Dems have asked for 800,000 "Dreamers" to be extended benefits under DACA, Trump requested 1.8 MILLION, and on top of that he wants to provide them a path to citizenship, which DACA doesn't currently do. So why are Dem's so against this proposal? In 2006 Congress including Sen. Schummer and and Sen. Obama voted to approve 50 billion for a "Wall" on the Southern border, they just never funded it. So why are these same people against 25 billion for a wall on the same Border? The answer is simple, Trump. Why is he hated by so many Congressmen? It simple, he is putting Country above self-interest. He is a threat to the millions and millions these guys pocket from special interest groups during their time in office. He desires to return this country to its Constitutionally based system, instead of the lawlessness that began in 1992. Finally, whether you like it or not, Trump is the ONLY person who can do this, simply because he isn't a politician and he can't be bought. Excepting the $1 he is required by law to accept he is donating the other $599.999 of his salary per year to Veteran's groups. He understand that without the Veteran's this country would have ceased to exist many, many years ago.

As for Hillary being a "great public servant" well let's just say that if the Democrats hadn't developed a system whereby the voters votes didn't actually count during the Primary Season, she wouldn't have even won the nomination. Funny how a system that was deliberately designed for no other purpose than to guarantee her election didn't work, and the "Deplorables" are the reason for it. By the way, Concerned, the sooner you learn that you too are among the "deplorables" that she is so filled with hatred for, the sooner you'll understand that she was NEVER a Public Servant to begin with.


“Outstanding public servant” , I just threw up in my mouth. That my friend is the most ludicrous statement I’ve heard all year.


She lost because nobody trusted her and she is very unlikeable, period. Get over it and find somebody that can Eric the Red Holder.

common sense

Hillary could have won every single vote in California and New York and gotten 10 million more votes and she still wouldn't be President. Thankfully, that is how our system works. Approximately half the population of this country believe we are better off with Trump as President instead of Clinton. Just like some of us think Hillary Clinton has not been an outstanding public servant. I guess if you consider enriching yourself by taking advantage of your office, lying to cover your crimes, destroying the lives of those who oppose you politically and covering for your sex-predator husband while claiming to be "the champion for women" then yes she has been outstanding.

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