Before Sen. Bernie Sanders’ narrow New Hampshire primary victory Tuesday night over Pete Buttigieg, Notre Dame professor Robert Schmuhl questioned the viability of the two major political parties in his recently published book, “The Glory and the Burden: The American Presidency from FDR to Trump.“

Is Sanders on his way to what would be the continuation of a new trend in American politics: The individual takeover of the two major parties by the Vermont senator and the current White House inhabitant, President Donald Trump?

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There are no centrist Democrats running for President. They all support late term abortion, one payer heath care for all including illegals and raising taxes by trillions of dollars. I believe while there are none running, there are a great deal of centrist democrats left in the country and pray they can see the destruction that electing one of these candidates will cause. I doubt this post will be allowed either.


Quit beatin a dead horse Howey. Democrats will commit suicide all by themselves. They have little if any connection to the real world. They are not connected to the party of the people they once were! Your boy PeteY is a long way from reality as are most Dems. Most people don't care that PeteY is gay. Most people care about what a candidate sees as viable solutions. A $368 million budget for a small city is ridiculous. A $650,000 travel trailer that looks like a boom box is insane! The inability to house or at least aid homeless is criminal. But tearing down a 1000 houses in a 1000 days seems OK in PeteY's scrambled mind! NOT! I'd make a bet that $650,000 would have been better spent repairing and setting up those portable class rooms given to the city for winter homeless use! Just a suggestion! And you wonder why! WHY?

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