In a week after the Dow crossed 36,000 for the first time ever and 531,000 new jobs were created in October, House Democrats aided by 13 Republicans – though none from the Indiana delegation – voted late Friday night to pass President Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill by a 228-206 vote. Six progressive Democrats voted against the measure after Speaker Nancy Pelosi received commitments on the Build Back Better Act to split the votes from this record infrastructure bill.

The bill will bring more than $8 billion to Indiana to revitalize roads and bridges; $751 million to ensure safe, clean drinking water; $680 million to improve public transportation systems; $350 million to expand broadband internet access, especially in rural areas; and $20 million for Indiana to respond to extreme weather events.

Brian A. Howey is publisher of Howey Politics Indiana at Find him on Facebook or Twitter @hwypol.

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Don’t forget the racist roads and bridges that need to be replaced Howey. Same climate change, equity drivel from the left.

Joe King

Your generation and old mentality is dying out. The fact you call it drivel just shows you have no grasp in reality, history, and science.


Well Joe, I guess we will see in a few months how the country likes this woke liberal drivel. Mayor Pete calls roads and bridges racist, how can you be that dumb?

Joe King

how can you be that blind and ignorant to all the studies done? Certain roads and bridges were put in place to divide and separate poor and minority communities.. This is not new...He is just bringing it to light..

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