12-year-old in critical condition after dirt bike wreck

GOSHEN — A Goshen youth is in critical condition following a dirt bike accident Monday evening.

A crash reported issued by the Goshen Police Department says Malachi Southern, 12, of Goshen, was traveling east on William Drive on a dirt bike at 8:24 p.m. As he approached Colonial Manor Drive, he failed to stop at the stop sign, the report said. 

The dirt bike collided with the front fender of a 2013 Ford Escape driven by Karen Alkema, 42, of Goshen, ejecting Southern from the bike.

An on-scene investigation indicated that Southern struck the windshield of the vehicle and landed on the east end of Colonial Manor Drive, according to the report. Southern was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash, but it came off and officers found it next to the youth with the chin strap not buckled, police said. 

Southern was unconscious when first responders got to the scene, the report said.  

On a Facebook post about his son, Josh Southern said the boy’s heart had stopped before paramedics arrived, “but (they) jump started his heart using adrenaline. He was airlifted to South Bend Memorial Hospital where part of his skull was removed due to swelling of his brain and is still in stimulation.”

Josh Southern set up a Facebook page to help raise funds to pay for his son’s medical expenses. As of Wednesday night, around $4,400 had been raised.

“His mother and I need all the support we can get, we both will have to take time off of work to be by his side in these desperate hours,” Southern said in the introduction to the newly created page.

“Malachi represents the best of us,” he said. “His patience, passion, sense of humor and forgiveness has been an inspiration to us and has been a blessing in our lives.”

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Stupid to have children on vehicles. The so called 'guardian's/parents should be punished for letting this happen.

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