Woman admits to fake lingerie coupon scheme

Alexis McCartney, left, and Wendy Skwarcan-Stoll.

ELKHART — A South Bend woman has admitted to her role in a counterfeit coupon scheme with her mother, which netted over $100,000 worth of lingerie.

Alexis McCartney, 18, was arrested in February and charged with corrupt business influence, a Level 5 felony, and forgery, a Level 6 felony. She admitted to the corrupt business influence charge Monday in a plea agreement that sets a three-year suspended sentence.

Her mother, 41-year-old Wendy Skwarcan-Stoll, was also arrested on the same charges following an investigation into counterfeit coupons being used at Victoria’s Secret stores in four states over the course of a year. She has expressed a desire to stand trial, and is set to appear before a jury June 11.

Authorities believe the two women printed the coupons at home and used them at stores in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and Indiana, then resold the merchandise on Facebook. Nappanee Police officers dug through the trash at Skwarcan-Stoll’s home and found numerous Victoria’s Secret sales receipts and shopping bags, as well as shipping labels and lists of sales.

They also found a handheld Victoria’s Secret receipt generator and credit card scanner, which was reported stolen from a store in Flint, Michigan, and used to manufacture the counterfeit coupons. Police executed a search warrant at the home on Feb. 20 and found many new items of Victoria’s Secret clothing and accessories, along with counterfeit coupons and items that were used to create them.

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