Wellfield lights

The 2021 Winter Wonderland Holiday Lights returns to Wellfield Botanic Gardens.

ELKHART — Wellfield Botanic Gardens kicked off its fifth year of Winter Wonderland Holiday Lights presented by Welch Packaging on Friday.

Since its creation in 2017, the event continues to grow – in both illumination and popularity. This year, it reaches a milestone of exceeding one million colorful lights on display around Wellfield’s 36 acres, organizers said.

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Wellfield has proven to be a hidden gem of Elkhart. Year around it exceeds expectations to those who embrace its beauty and tranquility.


I agree and all done with private donations and mostly volunteer labor. Elkhart is a very giving place to live.


So Ding... is that $60 family membership (2 named adults and children under)the same roof), a once a year cost or is it a one time charge with no yearly charges thereafter? And those kids need to live in the home address of the named adults. Sounds discriminatory to blended families. And since half of marriages end in divorce.....that's a lot of kids left out in the cold! Then the next question is....if you have an annual pass, do you need to pay to see the lights?


It's obvious this property is not for you. May I suggest you go to a "Free" city park where you can look at 20 year old benches and sticks all over the ground. and enjoy the half burnt out security lights there....


No viable answer.... Eh Ding? Except an elitist retort? Well anyway mom and dad and 2 children with a hot chocolate and a cookie $50. What a deal! So I went to the tax info on the Gardens. Seems the land is owned by the City of Elkhart. If I pay taxes to the City, why can't I at least get a discount? The poor segment of Elkhart's population can stand out on the sidewalk and wonder! They can just bring some chocolate chip cookies and maybe mom and dad has a thermos for a warm drink! What a festive night! Or are your feelings......."let them eat cake?"

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