West Goshen Principal named Teach Factor Fellow


GOSHEN — The National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET) named West Side Goshen Elementary Principal Lori Line as a Teach Factor Fellow for the recently launched Teach Factor initiative.

This initiative illuminates the stories of effective teachers, principals and superintendents to reveal scalable solutions for teacher leadership—a factor pivotal for the profession and student achievement, according to the NIET news release.

“We all believe that through working with NIET, we’ve created a culture of growing and learning for all of us,” Line said. “West Goshen teachers don’t make excuses; we find strategies. We look at data, we make a plan and we execute the plan.

Line first began working in Goshen Community Schools in 1999 as a career teacher before becoming a teacher leader and master teacher in 2011, an Indiana state TAP regional coordinator in 2013 and finally a principal since 2015. While in partnership with NIET, West Goshen has maintained an “A” Rating since 2016, as well as a value-added growth score of 5—the highest possible score on a 1-5 scale. The school was also awarded the TAP Founders Award this year.

Through the Teach Factor, NIET is working with educators like Line across the nation to define the most effective models of teacher leadership and develop a formal structure that schools, districts and states can implement to maximize the impact of teacher leaders, the news release states.

“We’re proud to have educators like Lori Line as Teach Factor Fellows,” said NIET Co-President and Chief Strategy Officer Patrice Pujol. “Their success advancing teacher leader roles and impacting achievement in schools like those in Goshen Community Schools embodies the Teach Factor and serves as an example all schools, districts and states can follow.”

More information and resources, including videos from 12 Teach Factor Fellows like Line, are available by following @NIETteach on social media and at teachfactor.niet.org.


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