GOSHEN — A Goshen man is accused of battering a pregnant woman and threatening to light her on fire.

Matthew Gear, 38, was charged Monday with five felonies in relation to the alleged incident in April of 2019. Those include domestic battery with injury to a pregnant woman, criminal confinement with injury and strangulation of a pregnant victim, all Level 5 felonies.

He is also charged with domestic battery in the presence of a child and intimidation, both Level 6 felonies, and interfering with the reporting of a crime, a misdemeanor. A warrant for his arrest was issued Monday.

According to court documents:

Goshen police responded to a mobile home park on the northwest side of the city on April 4 and spoke with a woman about an alleged incident two days earlier. She said she went to Gear’s residence with her children but when she wanted to leave later that night, he wouldn’t let her.

She said he took her keys and cell phone away and told her that if she “said that again,” he would kill her and then himself.

She again asked him to let her leave, and said he grabbed her and threw her against a wall, causing pain to her shoulder. She claimed he also grabbed her by the neck and began squeezing, causing her to have trouble breathing and to see stars.

The woman said Gear poured nail polish remover on her and then lit a cigarette, and threatened to light her on fire.

She said he finally let her leave close to 10 hours later.

Officers documented the woman’s injuries as well as text messages she said were later sent by Gear, which acknowledged that he hurt her shoulder.

A detective later spoke with Gear by phone. Gear allegedly said that what he did was wrong and that he “stood corrected as a man,” but he denied all allegations.

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