Walorski introduces bill to help air medical service providers

Jackie Walorski 

WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski voted Thursday to block a regulation issued in the final days of the Obama administration to extend background checks for disabled Social Security recipients mentally incapable of managing their own affairs.

The Second District Republican from the Jimtown area was part of a 235-180 House vote to invalidate the rule under the Congressional Review Act. The resolution now heads to the Senate.

After the 2012 school massacre in Newtown, Conn., Obama directed the U.S. Justice Department to provide guidance to agencies regarding information they are obligated to report to the background check system.

The background checks rule established the criteria the Social Security Administration would follow when forwarding names for the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, a federal list of people prohibited from purchasing firearms. Those fitting the criteria have a mental disorder so severe that they cannot work and need a representative to manage their benefits.

The administration projected that the regulation would affect about 75,000 beneficiaries, according to the Associated Press.

Walorski said the rule discriminates against individuals with disabilities by denying their 2nd Amendment rights and violating their right to due process.

"Being disabled doesn’t make you a danger to society and getting help managing your benefits doesn’t mean you forfeit your constitutional rights," she said while speaking on the House floor.


Walorski also released a statement Friday reacting to sanctions announced in response to Iran’s recent ballistic missile test:

"The Trump administration’s decisive response to Iran’s latest provocation is a key step toward cracking down on Iran’s ballistic missile program and support for terrorism. These new sanctions show the United States is once again ready to hold the Iranian regime accountable for its dangerous and destabilizing behavior," she said.

The sanctions, on 13 people and 12 companies, came a day after Trump put Iran “on notice” for testing a medium-range ballistic missile and for attacks by Iran-funded Houthi militants on a Saudi frigate.

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Thank you JW for helping thin the heard of your constituents. Mentally unstable folks need a lot of weapons and then a way to contact you to thank you.


Jackie is going to be at Greencroft Community Center today for Kiwanis Lunch....notice how she didn't make it public so her constituents can not meet her there to ask her questions.....she's only there because that's where her $ is.....bought-and-paid for....WWJD ?


the thought I keep coming back to is, exactly what is our Republican regime going to do after they have everything 'Repealed' and 'Revoked'? What is their plan for the last three years of the Trump era? The party of NO needs a plan for our country, What is it? Does anyone know? Does anyone care? Give guns to the mentally unstable, REALLY? The NRA is the biggest Terrorist organization in this country.......


Shall not be infringed


Well-regulated Militia

Linnie Caye

I think former US Representative Gabrielle Giffords would disagree. She was shot in the head by a mentally unstable Jared Loughner. What benefit are you personally getting by allowing this?


The fact is Linnie Caye, Jared Loughner's name never came up in the federal back-ground check database. Reason why? Because he was never found mentally unstable before the incident nor confined to a mental institution. So the 1968 system did just exactly what was intended. I am not sure that as another poster believes, an elderly person not able to handle their monetary responsibilities is a reason to remove their right to defend. If that is a requisite, there are many citizens of legal age that are crazy as a bat!


While we're at it, let's start allowing convicted felons to own guns, too. After all, they need to defend themselves from attackers.

In the Heller VS DC case, the late Justice Scalia was quite verbal about two groups of people that are exempt from the second amendment right to bear arms. Convicted Felons and the feeble minded. Note, not criminally insane or violent, but feeble minded.

Sorry, but as a second amendment advocate, I have to side with Obama on this one. The law has the Supreme Court on its side.


You people are all right, of course. Anyone without the mental capacity to pay bills and balance a checkbook should automatically be denied the right to defend themselves against physical harm from another person. Makes perfect sense to me.


"Mental capacity" is the ability to make the day to day decisions to care for yourself. "Mental disorder" describes such things as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, paranoia, etc. There's a huge difference between the two. Rep Walorski apparently feels it's okay for a person who can't work regularly due to severe schizophrenia, to carry a gun.


I agree... Problem is government is always apt to go after all our guns because of a few knuckle heads!!


Yeah, that has totally happened. I remember that sad day when Obama started rounding up our guns.


We certainly don't want to prevent someone from buying a deadly weapon just because they have a mental disorder severe enough to keep them from working and managing their personal affairs. Nothing wrong with that logic, Representitive Walorski.


Do you know the people who are on disability due to a mental disorder? I doubt it. Not all people who have a mental disorder are what you fear. Maybe you and Joe King should get together and do some research on the subject before you jump on the "NO GUN" ban wagon.


I know many, and would not want them to own a gun. I don't fear them, but they lack impulse control and understanding of the implications of their actions. Maybe YOU should do some research.


Well just one question. Are these people causing harm to anyone so far?




People with mental problems have caused a few problems with their ability to access firearms. Sandy Hook, the Sikh Temple, the Tucson shooting that wounded Gabby Giffords, Aurora Colorado all come to mind immediately, but you know there's more.

Anything can happen.

Joe King

typical Jackie and the GOP...vote party line and who lobbies (pays) the most for support....why would ANYONE be ok with this...why should someone with no mental capacity to handle their own funds and well being be allowed to buy and own a gun? Stupid....she will probably vote for the Devos too....just watch.


Ok. I have to ask. You feel that someone that can not manage their own money shouldn't own/carry a weapon. Do you know all the facts of someone's metal state? No you don't. The main reason that people have to have someone to take care of their funds is that they are afraid of some try and take their money from them. It's a safety put in place to protect the one getting help. Not everyone that has a mental illness is a wack job as you may think. Again Joe King you let your mental state take over your mouth/keyboard before you thought it out.


@Joe: You do realize that The House doesn't get a vote. The vote is in the Senate. You sure come off like you know something, though.


Absolutely! Why shouldn't people with severe mental illness be allowed to carry weapons? People with disabilities are discriminated against all the time, when the activity in question has implications for the safety of the disabled person, as well as the rest of the public. Visually impaired people cannot get drivers licenses. We have enough lunatics in this country who have undiagnosed mental illnesses walking around with guns; why make it worse?


What a stupid and harmful move. Does she think the mentally ill should be buying guns and by extension with her other voting records, be able to carry and conceal a weapon I guess more important than guns killing people, politicians in bed with the NRA and against the safety and protection of the people are more dangerous - and that is exactly what she is.

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