Walorski introduces bill to help air medical service providers

Jackie Walorski 

WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski voted for two resolutions aimed at labeling North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism on Monday. 

According to a press release, the resolutions would also condemn the regime’s efforts to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.

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Representative Walorski also voted in favor of other House resolutions:
* Resolution declaring that gravity is good, and should continue in force.
* Resolution declaring that terrorists are bad people, and should be disliked.
* Resolution declaring support for open travel between our 50 states.
* Resolution demanding US citizens turn over all possessions made in China.
* Resolution acknowledging that Manuel Noriega is no longer alive.
Congratulations, Ms. Walorski. You are ON TOP of things!!


Jackie is a rubber stamp owned by and operated by red don and the alt right dog and pony show. trumpcare will kill more Hoosiers than North Korea or Muslims terrorist combined but she continues to fan the flames ignorance of her gerrymandered minority while dodging responsible citizenry that she FAILS TO REPRESENT. Talking law and order while giving don trump a pass on hiding his taxes on firing investigators and enriching his family and friends will go down as a historical disgrace not just typical RW hypocrisy. Tom Price perjured himself to congress and did multiple insider trading deals. Jeff Sessions perjured himself multiple times and you do know he's the attorney general right? Stand with Jackie? ....She's sitting on her thumbs....take a look.


The people of Indiana, and in fact the United States, did take a look ! And that is why Jackie is still in office and Donald Trump is our president. The greatest documented liar of all time, crooked Hillary, LOST, get over it, and get some new material, or fade into insignificance !


President Hillary Clinton is doing a fine job though.


Talking law and order while giving Obama and Hillary a pass is the ultimate hypocrisy. I also know what you mean by gerrymandering. Putting Kokomo South Bend, 4 square blocks in Goshen and 4 streets in Northern Elkhart in the same Congressional district is just plain common sense. As for Trump's taxes, you would never be able to understand them in essence because they are hundrds of pages long. Funny how less than a week before he was fired, virtually every Democrrat on Capitol Hill was saying Comey should be fired, and as soon as Trump did there had to be some reason behind it. After all, Bill and the AG enjoyed a nice cup of coffee on that plane just before Comey announced he was ending his investigation of Hillarygate. Jackie represent my views and opinions just fine. As for Price and Sessions, if they did perjur themselves then Hillary would make a fine cellmate.

Now savor, take your two-year old "I didn't get my way" tantrum and stick it


Obviously you and the others on here trashing Congresswomen Walorski are in the minority and are just mad at the world. Otherwise she would not have won re-election. You and your alt-left friends need to get over yourselves and move on.


DavidJ, You have asked an Incompetent Group to accomplish an Impossible Task. They honestly believe that protesting, screaming, crying and otherwise caterwauling will win the argument and therefore win them elections. Perhaps, they're best left to wallow in their own sullen stupidity. Just sayin'


Start paying up right now Randy. You have profited for so long and garnered fully of the world riches. You should feel very bad for having running water, electricity and food. Pay up you junior imperialist!

Ma Yoder

Randy said: "the corporate imperialists started tearing down Mexico's ability to thrive in the 1920s and finished it off in the 60s."
Gee...this has me completely flummoxed. You have, in one sentence, rewritten history, a history that only YOU seem to interpret from your rather odd viewpoint.
I hope you never have your personal information stolen and used by an Illegal. That ain't Corporate Imperialism. That is Identity Theft.


And Ma, I'm just positive that your choice of historical info is right on the money. It is called a pattern. Look at the corporate pattern and plunder of the third world and I am pretty sure I'll stick with my notions of what happened to Mexico. But thanks for coming to the show.


Ma, Your version of history or mine ? I think I'll stick with mine.


The money that we have spent and the aid and training that the USA, Britain and Israel have given to killers the world over and we talk of state sponsors of terrorism with a straight face? Amazing.


Please tell about your love for Palestinian terrorists.


Folk, I bring up the death and destruction the "corporate trinity" sponsors throughout the world and MichaelFort tries to ask that? Strange Isn't it ?

Ma Yoder

"The money that we have spent..."
Wait a minute here, Randy. What about all the money "we' have spent to support tax thieves, food stamp fraud, illegals stealing tax returns using the names of innocents, social security fraud, (such as claiming nonexistent dependents) working at area businesses using false identities and more?
A recent govt finding stated that in 2016, the Illegals snatched over Four Billion dollars in false tax returns. That is four Billion...with a "B".
Terrorism? It has been here in the USA for at least two decades with more to come.
We all too oft see home-brew terrorism (area thugs) right here on our streets every week. Carry your sidearm. Think of it as an insurance policy.


Ma the corporate imperialists started tearing down Mexico's ability to thrive in the 1920s and finished it off in the 60s. I think we kinda owe the Mexicans some reparations. In what ever form. Money for food heat and housing or money for weapons, strong holds and training on how to terrorize the local people. WWJD?


Let's propose arming our allies with nuclear deterrence weapons. The unintended benefit for us would be to cause a forced focus for the 'loyal opposition' to spend every waking minute being angry, outraged, concerned, mad, incensed, fearful and/or opposed to the mere mention of that self-defense. They cry about and attack everything so why not bait them.


ahhhh......the old KILL 'EM ALL AND LET GOD SORT 'EM OUT strategy....sort of like the President of the United States announcing to the world last week that he would do nothing to stop ASSAD.......how is that working out for the world.....


A president said that alright, but is wasn't Trump and it wasn't last week. How's obamas "Red Line" working out for you ? Every thing you say is just made up BS. One more time, crooked Hillary lost man, get over it !


I'm not laughing at North Korea anymore. The spoiled kid and his toys may soon be dealt a devastating blow. This rouge dictatorship is now threatening way too much of the civilized world to be allowed to continue. The collateral damage will be something never seen before.


Is a rouge dictatorship kinda like a rogue dictatorship?

Joe King

Jackie who? Never heard of her....she doesn't show up or hold any town hall meetings or answer any voter questions.....who is she?


North Korea has already been designated as a state sponsor of terrorism. It was done during the Obama Administration's State Department. I guess Walorski must have withheld her support/agreement because it was Obama's administration who did this. By the way, North Korea is also on the Human Rights Violations list. Wonder if she too will wake up to that reality. Seems the GOP does not know how to govern and does more to undo, and repeat (if it does not get in the way of their donors ability to make a buck) what has already been done for the America.

Joe King

Ha! Burn! She's a joke.....gets on the bandwagon...party over principle over people


News flash - You lost get use to it


So did coal miners and working people everywhere. You sir must be a billionaire who breathes toxic fumes and drinks bacteria infused water. Yes you are THE ONLY WINNER comrade until red don says so long. Then back to being what you always were.


Savor, I'm thinking your Koo-Aid is spiked with LSD

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