Jackie Walorski and Pat Hackett

Jackie Walorski and Pat Hackett

ELKHART — U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski, a Republican representing District 2, is looking to win a fifth term in the House of Representatives on Nov. 3. Challenging her is Democrat and attorney Pat Hackett.

The challenge appears to be an uphill battle for Hackett, as Walorski’s wins have been by margins of roughly 10 to 20 percentage points as long as she has been the incumbent. Walorski flipped the seat in 2012 when Democrat Joe Donnelly ran for the Senate.

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Revolution 1776

No thx to.socialism/communism

I ll vote wallorski

Joe King

If you don't want communism, then you shouldn't vote for her. She blindly supports and follows trump....And, well, we all know about Communist Russia helping elect comrade trump and helping him again. Heck, even the CPAC members were waving Russian flags. Socialism? We already have that.... Starting with the farm handouts due to trumps failed trade war with China...I guess you will be voting against her...


Keep spinning the garbage Joe.


Walorski voted 95% of the time with Trump and party line die shards. That is not representing her constituents. She never publicly voiced objections to Trump calling our service men and women and veterans losers. She supports a SCOTUS nominee that is being rammed through even though the majority of voters think the winner of the election should pick the nominee. That means Walorski is ok with reversing Roe V Wade, ACA and pre-existing conditions and kids staying on parents insurance plans until they are 26. It means reversing LGBT rights. It means continuing to restrict voting rights by gerrymandering and voter suppression. Pat Hackett has been endorsed by Mayor Pete and wants to represent ALL the constituents in her district by voting to provide health care, education, voting rights, equal rights, police reform, housing, a living wage, and climate change. We need change and Pat represents that. Walorski represents only Trump and super PAC mega donors.


Interesting post. So Pat Hackett approves of reparations for slavery, free heath care. We do need some change in this country. We need more patriots who respect the flag, more teachers who will teach our history, not try to indoctrinate our kids, more respect for law and order and a press that reports the real news as opposed to the main stream media who try to daily take down our legally elected president. I could go on and on but you socialists won’t listen. Trump 2020.

(Edited by staff.)


Trump never called them losers. Do your fact checking. The Constitution states that the sitting President is required to fill any vacancies created on his term, not wait until he is re-elected. You are the type of Liberal that continues to punch, claw, misquote and do everything you can to get rid of the President. Didn't Wikileaks open your eyes as to the underhanded brutal cheaters they were against Bernie Sanders in 2016? With all of that info that was released, NOT ONE ITEM was disputed by the Democratic National Committee. A blind eye. Really? If Biden would 'happen' to win, he won't be able to accomplish anything because of the 'shambles' he inherited. I can hear the whining already. He's a fake politician of 47 years without anything to point to accomplishment-wise. He got his kid a sweet job in Ukraine and refuses to acknowledge otherise.


I concur emelle57

Joe King

" The Constitution states that the sitting President is required to fill any vacancies created on his term, not wait until he is re-elected. " Are you asking for Merick Garland? Oh, and Wikileaks was working with Russia. Trump disparaged John McCain, a war hero and veteran...He disparaged Gold Star Families. He has a tract record of disparaging veterans...on camera....for all to see and hear.

Joe King

will the debate be television or on the radio? internet? Anyone know?

RasmusSJorgensen Staff

All the local television stations and WVPE will carry the debate in some form. I'm not sure if they will broadcast it or have it on their websites.

Joe King

Thank you.

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