Tens of millions of Americans who work at companies with 100 or more employees will need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by Jan. 4 or get tested for the virus weekly under government rules issued Thursday.

The new requirements are the Biden administration’s boldest move yet to persuade reluctant Americans to finally get a vaccine that has been widely available for months — or face financial consequences. If successful, administration officials believe it will go a long way toward ending a pandemic that has killed more than 750,000 Americans.

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This should be found to be unconstitutional. Why only working people? Why not unemployed, those living on welfare or the illegals streaming across our border? The so called vaccine will not stop you from getting COVID, from spreading COVID or from dying from COVID. The emergency status allowing Biden to issue this mandate will continue forever. Ask yourself what will the next constitutional right to be attacked under the emergency status. Glad I’m retired and not under any vaccine mandates so far but who knows what is next. Our country is so weakened by our wokeness that it will not survive much more of this. Better learn to beg in Chinese.

Joe King

thank you for posting your bigoted views again for the word to see... The GOP scare tactics are getting old...and the educated and civilized people are tired of it... First it was robots are taking over, then sharia law is coming, what about the invasion on the southern border.....yawn.... Please listen to medical experts, professionals and the scientific community for advice....fox entertainment, tucker, and youtube are bad references..


Once again you failed to address the post. Same old stuff from brainwashed Joe.


The best thing about being a lib is that you are always far better than the remaining , say, conservatives or libertarians. Those 2 political vents are always uneducated, uncivil and inhumane! Those conservatives also believe in autonomy! They believe is self worth and the right to decide their own personal id! Their value is not decided by someone else! It's a God given right! Conservatives do NOT believe in cradle to grave governmental support! They believe in paying their own way. These are things that are foreign to a liberal! I know Joe likes to take OTHERS money and NOT produce a product of value! It's Joe's life! Didn't Maggie Thatcher say something to the effect that .... the trouble with liberalism, is that at sometime you run out of others money! Something like that! Meaning you can't ALWAYS depend on others. Liberal self worth is very low! Autonomy is foreign to a lib! They are always followers. Never leaders! Keep giving them the cheese! They always end up in the trap! Always!!!

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