LAGRANGE COUNTY  _  An Indiana State Police traffic stop on the toll road in Lagrange County resaulted in charges against two people from Chicago.

According to a report provided by ISP Public Information Officer Sgt. Ted Bohner, the stop was made around 3 a.m. on Wednesday, April 25.

Trooper Zarek Finley stopped a silver Mercedes for speeding after pacing it at 100 miles per hour. The stop was made near the 122 mile marker eastbound, just east of the Howe/LaGrange exit, Bohner said.

While speaking to the driver, identified as Maksym Buinytskyi, age 21 of Chicago, Finley purportedly saw suspected marijuana in plain view. Following a search of the Mercedes, Finley allegedly located 36 fraudulent credit cards as well as $2,800.

Buinytskyi was cited for his speed and arrested on preliminary charges of theft, a level 6 felony, fraud, a level 6 felony, and possession of marijuana, a B-level misdemeanor, according to police. 

The passenger in the Mercedes, Anastasia Krochak, age 23 of Chicago, was also arrested on preliminary charges of theft, a level 6 felony and fraud, also a level 6 felony. k was also taken to the LaGrange County Jail.

Buinytskyi and Krocha were booked into the  LaGrange County Jail.

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Joe King

where's all the talk about deporting them? nothing? crickets......

common sense

Well Joe, if the article would have said anything about them being in the country illegally I'm sure you would get your wish. I know you're trying to make a point, but most reasonable people should agree that anyone here illegally should be deported, no matter where they are from.


Joe makes a very valid point. We hear daily about the problem of immigrants, legal and illegal from the south yet never a word about immigrants from Russia....often wonder why they 'keep to themselves' like they do, always 'under the radar'.....these 'kids' look and sound just as dangerous as our southern friends.........

Joe King

Most of the commentators below are quick to point out and want to deport darker people...because you know, they don't look like us, but they assume because their name or complexion makes them now, these people look like them, except their names are different...just pointing all the hypocrites and racist out...

common sense

You're painting with a pretty broad brush Joe. When there have been individuals identified as illegally in the country, then yes there are several of us who believe they should be deported. However, I have never and will never advocate that someone be deported because of the color of their skin or where they are from. Their legal status is what matters. You tend to throw the racist charge out there pretty freely without knowing anything about the people you are charging as being racist. Wrongly calling someone a racist is just as bad as being one.


Note that they weren't charged with driving without a license or not having insurance so they were probably here legally. It is good to see you get on board with deporting people here illegally. You have come a long way.


What's in a name? Eh Joe/Leeet? Ho w about that guy Issur Danielovich/ Kirk Douglas? Or Alisa Zinovgava/ Ayn Rand. And maybe those 2 brothers... George and Ira Gershwin/Gershowitz/ Gershwine. Fact is many eastern European immigrants either altered or completely changed their surnames. Not defending these lawbreakers. Just wondering HOW wide that brush you paint with, really is !

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