Teachers grill lawmakers over state senate bill

Sen. Linda Rogers speaks at a Third House meeting Friday along with Sen. Blake Doriot and Reps. Doug Miller and Tim Wesco.

ELKHART — Educators confronted lawmakers Friday over a bill they say would weaken their voice and worsen the disrespect teachers receive in Indiana.

Several current and former teachers attended the Third House meeting at the Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce to speak against Senate Bill 486. The bill was authored by Sen. Linda Rogers, who spoke at the session along with Sen. Blake Doriot and Reps. Doug Miller and Tim Wesco.

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Joe King

Indiana deserves so much better than these paid for politicians....Linda Rogers removed protections for wetlands so developers can build and more people can be flooded....now they are messing with teachers....and they really wonder why there is a shortage of teachers?? Vote them out, we deserve better than the far right conspiracy mongers... Wesco never even went to public school....how does this make sense???


It doesn’t seem to matter what the subject is with Joe. His position is always that the right wing conspiracy is at fault. Teachers unions across the country are not very popular today except with the Democrat party who reap huge financial rewards at the expense of students.


Senator Rogers is mistaken. A school corporation will not recognize a union as the exclusive representation if a majority of the teachers do not belong to the union. It's also a funny coincidence that Rogers says this legislation comes from Indiana when Betsy DeVos is posting on Twitter about how teachers unions have too much power. Indiana legislators are not listening to their constituents and crafting legislation accordingly. They are promoting a national agenda that will not benefit Hoosiers.

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