WASHINGTON — Republicans muscled the largest tax overhaul in 30 years through the Senate early Saturday. Senator Joe Donnelly (D) voted against the tax bill as presented.

“Just what the country needs to get growing again,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said in an interview after a final burst of negotiation closed in on a nearly $1.5 trillion package that impacts the breadth of American society.

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Charles U Farley

Democrats won't support a flat tax rate where everyone pays the same pennies on every dollar they make, be it one or a million. They don't care about "fair share" as much as they do "pandering soundbites".


Good old Uncle Joe Donnelly proved once again he is a democrat first and an American second. A strong economy is THE most important thing for our national health, national defense and peace of mind. Yet the dems just continue to whine, cry and claim the tax cuts are only for the rich. The bottom line is the dems don't want a strong thriving middle class. They want 80% of America to be beholding to the federal government, whether it be income (welfare), housing or medical care. That way they can control the population which is their ultimate goal.

Joe King

Thanks Joe for looking out for the common people and not just the 1% and corporations....

Average Joe

Joker, Donnelly is a partisan hack who votes whichever way Schumer tells him to vote, and so he did. He doesn't look out for the little guy, he looks out for the money that keeps him in office, voters be damned.


Oh no, they cut corporate taxes again. So here's a question for you brainiacs who are so opposed to this. How much do corporations actually pay in taxes?


The braniacs should just research what happened when Kennedy cut tax rates from over 90% to 70%. Tax revenues climbed from $94 billion in 1961 to $153 in 1968. The Reagan proposed tax reductions resulted in tax revenues climbing by 99% in the 1980s. .....heritage.org The less taxes people pay, the more durable goods and toys they buy. The more goods sold the more jobs created. And so on!


Joe says he is a moderate Dumacrat. However he votes with Nacy Pelosi close to 97% of the time. Joegottago !

concerned citizen

He thinks for himself and proved he is intelligent by voting against such an obvious gift to the big donors. Maybe you should question your own IQ


But of course he voted no, he does whatever Nancy tells him to do. Hillary was going to raise taxes on everyone, one reason Donald Trump is the president. Thank God Trump is president. This tax bill is good for everyone, and democrats will pay a hefty price for flipping their nose at the American people !

c smith

Thank you Rick, you hit the nail squarely on the head!

concerned citizen

What universe do you live in? Joe was willing to work with the GOP but because they would not shed the obvious give away to those who need no help he would drink the Kool-Aid. Tax cuts did not work when dumb Bush was in office. There is overwhelming evidence that this bill will not help Joe Average. If you are honest with yourself you would see that Mitch and Fish Lips are treating this as a pathway for those large donations that keep incompetents like themselves in office


Thank God Trump is president. This tax bill is good for everyone, and democrats will pay a hefty price for flipping their nose at the American people !.........I LOVE THE UNEDUCATED! ....instead of ;good for everyone', you should have said, BETTER FOR SOME.......some people's taxes are going UP.....and so is the Deficit, you know, that thing Tea Drinkers have railed about the last 8 years....


A 1 trillion deficit over ten years is a helluva lot less than 10 trillion over 8 years Leeet. It's too bad you have no concept of who the uneducated are.

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