Studies show Elkhart County has about 20,000 more jobs than workers available to fill them, a problem which officials are trying to address. 

At an Economic Development Summit on Tuesday, Mark Dobson, president of the Economic Development Corporation of Elkhart County, said that the lack of skilled workers is one of the biggest concerns for employers looking to locate to the county. 

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The best and the brightest leave Indiana and I was glad when my kids took my advice and left for greener pastures.


I like Judy Judge's view on things.... If you can make a baby... you can work! Period!


Huh? This headline seems misleading as is the article. No way today there are "an estimated 20,000 jobs more than workers" in Elkhart County. Maybe in the future with decent economic growth and the retirement of Baby Boomers. Am curious as to the studies referenced in the article and in which industries. Hopefully the County is moving away from its concentration in the rv industry into other sectors and better long-term economic health.


From my observation having been a lifelong resident put the ones to work that are getting free benefits and are physically able to work. Oh, but they're having children so they receive money or they are on drugs and receive Disability
and I'm sure you won't need to look for anyone. I don't know who is collecting numbers but get out and look around the Community on any given day and you will see that your numbers are not even close to reality. By the way I'm retired.




Well that number sounds about right when you add in the "undocumented " workers we have in Elkhart county


I wonder what that number would be if all the illegals were exposed.


keep sugar coating fire111. Whatever it takes to get you through.


Ah yes! Don't let a little thing like facts bother you strtdude. The Robert Young Yards opened in 1958 and was built, owned and operated by the New York Central Railroad. Norfolk and Southern was formed in 1980. A little 22 year gap there. Even the former railways that formed Norfolk and Southern did not operate here. There married names connote their area of operation. Southern being the "south" and Norfolk the "east" coast area.


If there are 20,000 jobs in Elkhart County, why are there only 9 listed in the classified section of the Elkhart Truth online?


More RV recalls, this one 52,000 units for bad wiring. I don't believe there is a major RV builder that has any type of quality system such as International Standards Organization (ISO) rating. If this is correct, does anybody know why?

Louise Baker

I've been looking for a better paying position for well over a year now. I have a Bachelor's degree and many years of good experience, but no one wants to pay what I'm looking for, it seems.....


Trouble is Louise, that Bachelor's degree has to be in a marketable major. Not too many Russian, Middle Ages Languages majors are in demand today!

Louise Baker

Mine is in Accounting.....


Ooooops! Jonas - it's ironic justice when snarky remarks like yours, on sincere posts like Louise's, are Incorrect because you've gotten the facts wrong.

Just Facts

Lol. Ya mean 20k lowball wage jobs...ground zero for the country in meth use...and workers who can't pass a drug test...not to mention illegal workers from Mexico. Welcome to Methico County Indiana.


I'm sure it's President Obama's fault.


Can't expect people to move here for those jobs because there is a shortage of affordable housing that is needed by folks earning the 9 and 10 dollars an hour that most of those jobs pay. Strange days hey folks?


I'm all mixed up. One person says pay is $9-$10 per hour. Another person says companies are paying inflated wage to RV workers! By the way, ever notice those auto employees doing all that hi-tech work and making $40 or more an hour? And then there is the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those WHACKCOS say the average wage in Elkhart County Indiana, for 1st quarter 2015, is $834. $20.85 ! Now I am really bewildered.


20,000? Really? I was speaking yesterday with a person "in the know" who said that the county currently had 3500 job openings.

As for a skilled workforce, nothing will change until the folks in the RV industry stop paying inflated wages for unskilled workers.

Louise Baker

So right!


EVERYONE is in the "know" or knows someone that is. The problem is they really don't know squat about what they are talking about. It is all like, "I have a friend that read it in The National Inquirer" type on knowledge.


So why would anyone be unemployed. Hmmm.... let's see!


Easy fire, They HAVE to pass drug tests and that is a huge problem for too many of our people looking for work today. That small moment of pleasure will kick the tar out of you for the rest of your life!

common sense

Jonas is correct, many so-called unemployed cannot be employed because they cannot pass a drug screen, this is a very common problem in the county. Many others are un-employable for other reasons: bad attendance, terrible inter-personal skills, etc. There are many people who are not working who have had their work-ethic destroyed by the extension of unemployment benefits and other types of welfare programs which has basically taught them that they don't have to work because the govt. will provide for them.

Joe King

jobs or careers? Ones that pay well and you can thrive and grow or a job that you may just barely survive....apples and oranges...the 20,000 number also sounds like an exaggerated number to get attention....

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