Police lights at night

ELKHART — Catalytic converter thefts from vehicles continue to plague businesses and residents, with at least three more firms, including an RV manufacturing plant, reporting losses this week.

Jim Mulcahey, general manager at Nexus RV, said thieves cut through a fence in the back of the property and used a power saw to remove catalytic converters from the exposed chassis of 10 recreational vehicles.

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There wouldn't be thefts if recyclers wouldn't buy them. There should be some SERIOUS fines for any scrapyard buying these.... And possibly Jail time!


Time to call in the Feds! This is a big buck loss! A new Ram 2500 pickup catalytic converter cost....$3460.....Ford F 250, $2804. Converters have platinum, palladium and rhodium! All worth more than gold!

Revolution 1776

Call in the feds to reform the fed while they are at it

SanFran Kid

Elkhart Hillbillies and meth heads in action again

Revolution 1776

Sad but true

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