corona map saturday

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana State Department of Health on Saturday announced that 529 additional Hoosiers have been diagnosed with COVID-19 through testing at ISDH, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and private laboratories.

That brings to 10,641 the total number of Indiana residents known to have the novel coronavirus following corrections to the previous day’s total.

In Elkhart County, the number of confirmed cases rose to 148, 18 more than the previous day. 

A total of 545 Hoosiers have died to date, three in Elkhart County. Deaths are reported based on when data are received by ISDH and occurred over multiple days.

To date, 56,873 tests have been reported to ISDH, up from 54,785 on Friday.

Marion County had the most new cases, at 123. In addition to Elkhart, other counties with more than 10 new cases were Allen (22), Clark (10), Hamilton (25), Harrison (20), Hendricks (29), Johnson (21), Lake (69), Madison (20), Porter (17) and St. Joseph (37). The Lake County totals include results from East Chicago and Gary, which have their own health departments.

The complete list of counties with cases is included on the ISDH COVID-19 dashboard at

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U R a hoot Joe! Stay in your basement. Don't let the sun shine in! Complete states do NOT need to be shut down. Michigan U P has 64 confirmed cases. 6 counties w/0 cases. 2 w/1 case. 16377 square miles. Half the land area of Indiana. People can't hunt nor fish in a boat w/motor. The "Michigan Assassin" is intent on killing that beautiful state. North Dakota has 53 counties. 21 with no cases. 13 with 1! Montana has 56 counties. 49 with 0 cases. Do they need to be shut down?

Joe King

Seriously you really think viruses care about counties and borders? Are you that blinded by you love for your savior trump? Please turn fox propaganda off and listen to health officials and scientist... Not for your health (you obviously don't care), but for the health and safety of others....Rush and Hanity are entertainers.....please listen to scientist and health officials...


Joe let's get something straight here! Never question my concern for others. I dedicated 40 years of my life to the protection and care of others. What have you done? No one! Absolutely no one abdicates opening up all states nor even parts of all states. Where have you been? I know sucking up news from MSNBC! In your moldy stuffy basement. Eh Jo? Lol! I've listened to a lot of experts the last 2 months. These same scientists and experts have told us to expect well over 200,000 deaths. Then it was 150,000. Then 100,000. Now maybe 60,000! I am totally amazed at lefties as yourself! Worried for other's health, but OK with 100s of 1000s aborted babies EVERY year. Betcha love Margaret Sanger. And that Planned Parenthood....what a place. Remember Jo! The longer this country stays closed, the longer it will be before the economy rebounds. Just today Lucchese's gone! Expect many more small businesses to close. Small business is the heart and soul of the US economy Jo. Families invest their lives in them and to be locked out is criminal. It will be interesting to see a study on suicides after this is all over! Gotta go now Jo. Need to get around. Shower and fix my dinner. I like to watch early Hannity and 1 AM Hannity! Just to make sure I didn't miss any knowledge espoused!


poor joe...TDS has driven him delusional. The President has no police powers. The Constitution reserves that for the states. He can't order a lockdown! Nor Stop a lockdown! Yes Joe stay in your house! Don't move to Michigan! The Michigan Assassin won't even allow her minions to plant food seeds or seedlings.

Joe King

Poor fire...drinking too much kool aid....still waiting for The virus to magically disappear....trump wants all the authority and none of the responsibility....he says one thing or lie on tv and tweets another...yes, attended the protest, mingle with the crowds, ignore health officials..what could possibly go wrong?

Joe King

Thanks, Trump....who needs more testing? But hey, at least the GOP got the beaches open....


Let's be realistic here, There are people packed much tighter in your local Dollar General on a daily basis than there ever will be on those beaches....

Joe King

Buying food to eat is essential, but there sure are a lot of stores....


Hey Joe ! Concord Family Medicine on CR 20 … happening now! Tell em U R coughing! Get a free test. 9AM-3PM. Hurry!

Joe King

I have been doing my part to stay at home...and, I am not showing any symptoms. We have too few test it would be a shame to use it on me then doctors, nurses, and 1st responders, and essential workers.... but got tip for those who need it.. besides, I still think they only test for people showing symptoms since there STILL not enough testing going on

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