Indiana Senate

Senate Majority Leader Rodric Bray, R-Martinsville, greets fellow members of the state Senate on Organization Day at the Indiana Statehouse in Indianapolis.

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana’s governor and legislative leaders are lining up in favor of giving a legal shield to businesses from COVID-19 lawsuits when the General Assembly returns to action next month.

Supporters argue the liability protection is needed for factories, stores, restaurants and other institutions like universities so that they can stay open without facing claims that an employee or customer over coronavirus exposure – even though they haven’t been able to point to any such lawsuits in the state, The (Fort Wayne) Journal Gazette reported.

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So joe! Just to let you know. According to the New York Times as of yesterday, Florida has a total of 1.23 million cases of covid with 11384 new cases. NY has 883K plus 11740 new cases. Hmmm strange! Eh Joe? Florida has 20873 deaths! Hmmm....this is strange! NY has 36454 deaths. Seems Florida not shut down and NY shut down..... Florida may have turned the corner! Now the biggy joe! Florida population over 65, 4,358,000. NY 3 ,214,000. Isn't the 65 + age group more likely to die. Hmmm.... again! Florida more and less. NY less and more! I know, I KNOW, your name sake (JOE) or as I like to address him , Plugs McBlindman Choose "Truth over facts". Merry Christmas joe and enjoy the coal! tee hee!

Joe King

You write this with a straight face? You do know the governor has done his best to hide and not report the actual numbers right? He fired the person responsible for developing the website to track covid in FL and when she refused his request to stop reporting actual numbers and give "alternative" numbers he fired her. You do know that right?

This last one is an opinion 5 days ago...

Fire, please report all facts and not pick and choose to try to support your uneducated and republican narrative.. Just admit it..Over 330,000 dead americans due to Trumps and his Republican Administration denial of science, health officials and poor start to the pandemic and ineptness..But hey, at least trump has the "my pillow guy" to help out....I will pray for you fire...hopefully in the next four years you will find light..


Well joe as I pointed out, some of my facts, came from a newspaper as did your facts! My covid facts came from the CDC and NIH! My population facts came from Wikipedia and other sources. My "uneducated" and Republican narrative mostly came from left leaning nationally well known newspapers. And with your confessed hate of Trump and affection for the "my pillow guy" , I wonder! What the Bible says about hate? It's addressed many times! Hate clouds the mind. Hardens the heart. And generally pollutes the being. But hey joe, I'll take all your prayers for me. Thank you! How was the coal? lol!


Poor Joe believes everything written that is negative toward a conservative but then he suffers from some kind of hatred syndrome. When confronted with fact showing the opposite results it is always but, but, but blah blah blah... Poor guy.


So once again you personally attack me and refuse to address the post. Check out the FL vs NY numbers. I imagine your eyes bugging out when typing your disgusting opinion of Trump. Watch your blood pressure there Joker. It must be horrible hating anything as much as you do.It seems to control your every thought, sad.

(Edited by staff.)

Joe King

Have a good holiday sidearm. I will pray for you.

Revolution 1776

Couldn't they so something like enact the death penalty for meth dealers . For real


Hey Joe, you are really getting out there in lala land. I think you need to seek some help honestly. You have let your hatred of Mr Trump distort your thought process on all subjects, “it’s all Trumps fault”. Schools are open in person in Florida, very few problems. The states of Florida and New York are very close in size and population. Do some homework and compare the Covid stats between the two states, it may open your eyes.

Joe King

You cannot be serious? Right? Florida’s open and it’s all right? What kind of denial are you living in? My hatred of trump is all clear. He is an abomination to humanity. And you must be fine with him seeking to throw out the constitution and overthrow a free and fair election? Like a dictator and despot does. Can’t wait till intelligent people are in place and run this country like they should..listen to health care and science...and not the “my pillow guy”...


This is not needed. Just let each business provide a waiver form for each employee holding the employer unaccountable. Indiana IS a Right-To-Work state.

Joe King

of course they want to protect the business owners and not the workers...I wouldn't expect anything else from the GOP party. I hope they also put in a provision to allow workers to stay home if they are at risk or in fear of catching the disease or exposed to the virus from irresponsible business... and still have a job to return to


4% unemployment in Elkhart county Joe, plenty of jobs thanks to business owners. The businesses have to be open to stay solvent. If nobody works, no business can survive, as you will see when most small local businesses are bankrupted by government shut downs and restrictive policies.

Why aren’t the schools open Joe, all the experts now agree it is safe to do so for students. But the teachers union says NO, it is unsafe for us. Give me a break, if Doctors, nurses, truck drivers, food store workers etc all took that stance there would be chaos. Economics not your strong suit Joe?

Joe King

And clearly empathy isn't yours. So now teachers have to not only fend off shooters, they now have to sacrifice themselves for the pandemic? Shame on you for asking people to sacrifice themselves so that johnny can go to school in person. Had trump taking this virus seriouslly and listened to health care workers and scientist and insist people wear a mask we would not have to be dealing with this as bad as we are and with over 320,000 dead Americans. All your examples show an individual with another for a short period of time vs a teacher with a group of kids all day. Have you been out of school that long you forgot how that works? Business can't survive if they don't have workers or people to buy stuff if they are sick and dying. Economics 101...

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