Indiana General Assembly

Members of the Indiana House convene in the House chamber in the Indiana Government Center in Indianapolis on Jan. 4. The House is meeting in a conference room in the state office building to increase social distancing due to COVID-19. 

INDIANAPOLIS — As Indiana's Republican-dominated Legislature returned to session, nearly a dozen bills drafted by GOP legislators have sparked debate in the Statehouse over where to draw the line between public health and personal freedom.

In the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 9,000 in Indiana, lawmakers face contention over emergency health orders, school and business closures, vaccine requirements and other protocols spurred by COVID-19. In question is whether such precautions are necessary to stem the spread of the virus or infringements on rights.

Casey Smith is a corps member for the Associated Press/Report for America Statehouse News Initiative. Report for America is a nonprofit national service program that places journalists in local newsrooms to report on undercovered issues.

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Another of my comments missing?


Joe, as a business owner I resent your comment that "they" cannot be trusted. The article is about vaccines and how that whole issue if affecting freedom of choice. I believe that is completely different than health and safety guidelines that businesses of all types are expected to adhere to. Please think before you make broad comments about "them". One size does not fit all.


What business of the state is it to meddle in the rights of a private business owner?

It may be a good decision or a bad decision, but that decision is the owners sole right, and should not be infringed on by the state or anyone. The employees can stay or leave, and that said owner will have to determine what its worth to him or her to enforce conformance. The state needs to stay out of private owners decisions as to what is best for their business, They have probably been successful without their input so far...

Joe King

yeah, who needs the health dept telling restaurants and stores how to cook food, when to throw rotten food away and don't worry about the mice and roaches running around at night...Personally, I am ok with the state and health officials meddling in business affairs...they cannot be trusted... Just like we have the EPA because business could not be trusted to do the right thing...when was the last time a river caught on fire?


Fire on the water.... Trump's fault! Correct?

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