ELKHART — A metal forming company plans to use a facility in Bristol that’s been vacant since 2017, bringing with it a $52 million investment and 250 jobs. 

Brinco is a startup that wants to use the former Chassix facility at 51650 C.R. 133, according to Chris Stager, president of the Elkhart County Economic Development Corp.

He presented a tax abatement request on behalf of the company to the Elkhart County Council Saturday.

Stager said the company plans to invest $38.5 million in manufacturing equipment and $13.5 million in real estate. They plan to hire 150 new employees during the first phase of the new venture, at an average hourly wage of $28.86.

He said Elkhart County competed with a community in Michigan to attract the company. 

He described the new facility as highly automated. It would start by March 1.

“We anticipate this being one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in Elkhart County,” Stager said.

Tim Ochs, an attorney with Ice Miller, said the company gets 100 percent of its raw material from scrap metal, which it uses to make metal forms. He described the casting process, which uses sand in a vacuum-controlled mold.

He said the process uses a special sand that comes from Illinois, which is why states in the Midwest competed for the business. He added that it’s a new business but is led by people who have decades of experience.

“They look forward to getting underway and having a very successful business here in Elkhart County,” Ochs said.

The council approved a declaratory resolution on the tax phase-in, which was requested for a 10-year term on real estate and seven years for equipment.

County attorney Craig Buche said the project includes $3.7 million in real estate improvements, $28.5 million in manufacturing equipment and $6 million in logistics and distribution.

The project would be completed and everything would be in place by the end of 2021, according to the resolution. The council will look at a confirmatory resolution in November.

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