ELKHART — Municipal election campaigns are in high gear as Tuesday’s election draws closer. 

Over the weekend, Elkhart mayoral candidates Dave Miller, a Republican, and Rod Roberson, a Democrat, gathered all their resources for a final push.

Miller, a former two-term mayor, hosted Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb and Indiana Republican Party Chairman Kyle Hupfer.

“We’re here to encourage folks to turn out and vote and support good candidates,” Holcomb said. “I couldn’t be prouder of not just what he’s accomplished in his past public and private life but what he’s willing to continue to give back. He is a true public servant.”

Holcomb, seeking re-election himself next year, is offering his endorsement for 10 Republican mayoral candidates across the state in a “Barnstorming Tour” that also includes candidates in New Albany, Terre Haute, Jeffersonville, Muncie, Fort Wayne, Kokomo, Washington and Valparaiso.

“It’s wonderful to have the endorsement of the highest official in the state, and especially one that’s been so successful,” Miller said. “Knowing that we’ll have a good working relationship and Elkhart and Indianapolis will be strong working partners will make all the difference in the future of our community.”

Holcomb said local offices often have much more influence in a person’s daily life than state or federal government.

“It is critically important that the government that is closest to you, that you’re involved and your voice is heard,” Holcomb said. 

Miller said he would continue to knock on doors and attend events “to meet as many people as I can.”

“We’re peaking at exactly the right moment,” he said.

Democratic candidate Roberson also was busy on the final weekend of the campaign.

“Let’s Get Active, Elkhart!” was held at the Elkhart Health & Aquatics Center to introduce residents to candidates for city council and mayor, but also to showcase the new community wellness center that opened in July.

“People need to feel as though this is their center and a lot of times when you don’t come, you just don’t know,” Roberson said.

Roberson was scheduled to attend an event Saturday night at The Arena Michiana on Middlebury Street and on Sunday at the Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar Sahib on Day Road in Mishawaka to speak with a group of gas station owners.

“We’re working, and you know you never really know until it gets to the end,” Roberson said about his campaign. “I don’t know. What’s more important than anything is how others feel like we’re doing.”

Absentee voting will end Monday.

As of Friday, a total of 2,663 ballots had been collected – 590 received via mail, 1,871 in person, 199 from the travel board and three by email, according to Elkhart County Clerk Christopher Anderson. 

The number is over 20 percent higher than the last municipal election in 2015, which had collected 1,994 absentee votes as of Nov. 1, Anderson said late Friday.

Polling places at vote centers across the county are open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday. 


City of Elkhart


Dave Miller, Republican

Rod Roberson, Democrat

City Clerk

Debra Barrett, Republican

Judge, Elkhart City Court

Charles H. Grodnik, Republican

1st District Common Council

Richard Shively, Republican

Gerry Roberts, Democrat

2nd District Common Council

Brian A. Thomas, Republican

Andrew Strycker, Democrat

3rd District Common Council

David E. Henke, Republican

4th District Common Council

Dwight Fish, Democrat

5th District Common Council

H. Brent Curry, Democrat

6th District Common Council

Pam Kurpgeweit, Republican

Tonda Hines, Democrat

Common Council At-Large (3 seats)

Kevin Bullard, Republican

Brian Dickerson, Republican

Mary M. Olson, Republican

Thomas Butler, Democrat

Arivs L. Dawson, Democrat

Alex Holtz, Democrat

City of Goshen


Jeremy P. Stutsman, Democrat

City Clerk-Treasurer

Angie McKee, Republican

Adam C. Scharf, Democrat

Judge, Goshen City Court

Richard L. Mehl, Republican

1st District Common Council

Jim McKee, Republican

2nd District Common Council

Douglas Nisley, Republican

Jonathan D. Neufeld, Democrat

3rd District Common Council

Matt P. Schrock, Republican

Jennifer E. Shell, Democrat

Rafael Correa, Independent

4th District Common Council

Mark A. Huser, Republican

Megan W. Eichorn, Democrat

5th District Common Council

Gilberto Perez Jr., Democrat

Common Council At-Large (2 seats)

David B. Daugherty, Republican

Brett F. Weddell, Republican

Julia King, Democrat

Charles D. Mumaw, Democrat

Town of Bristol

Town Clerk-Treasurer

Bonnie Frye, Republican

Cathy Antonelli, Democrat

Town Council At-Large (3 seats)

Jeff A. Beachy, Republican

Floyd Lynch, Republican

Delbert Schrock, Republican

Town of Millersburg

Town Clerk-Treasurer

Mackenzie Taylor, Republican

1st Ward Town Council

Dean S. Smith, Republican

2nd Ward Town Council

Austin Turner, Republican

James W. Clifton, American Free Soil Party

3rd Ward Town Council

James Winkler, Republican 

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