DUNLAP— Not every student is college-bound after high school.

To that end, Concord High School hosted a first-ever “Careers in the Trades” event for its freshmen students to expose them to other options.

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Tom Whitehead

Such events can really attract the younger generation to aging industries, such as construction. There are currently over 158,000 unfilled construction jobs across the US. That is, this is the industry where skilled workers are always required. Improving safety can make the construction industry more attractive for younger generation. Though the construction industry hasn't always shown enthusiasm in adopting these advances, that traditional mindset is beginning to change. There is even the opportunity to study online now. For example https://www.ablesafety.com/course/courseclasses/sst-online These courses are entirely online and available on multiple platforms including mobile, tablet devices, and desktop.


The issue today though, is the type of worker we are creating. Workers from a previous generation understood the importance of "Arrive on time" "Do it right the first time" "Don't quit till the job is done" and other quality vales of a good trade employee. Todays youth live and die by every Snap, Tweet, and Like on Facebook are generally only there to get paid, and are uninterested in moving up the ladder at most businesses they work at. This certainly isn't true of all...But at some point they have to realize you are only going to get out of a job what you put into it.....

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