Sideswipe crash results in extensive damage

GOSHEN — Two drivers disagreed about the cause of a crash Wednesday on Elkhart Road.

The crash occurred near the intersection of Meijer Drive at 7:26 a.m., according to a crash report issued by the Goshen City Police Department.

Sharon Culbreath, 48, of Elkhart, was in the inside lane of U.S. 33 (Elkhart Road) when a GM Terrain driven by Adrienne Pittman, 34, of Elkhart, attempted to change lanes, moving from the outside lane to the inside.

Pittman told officers she had turned on her left turn signal and was going to change lanes when Culbreath sped up. Pittman said she did not see Culbreath do this while changing lanes and until the crash occurred.

The force of the crash caused Pittman to slide into the median and the Terrain flipped over and crossed the opposite side of the road before coming to a stop.

Culbreath told officers she was behind the vehicle and it appeared Pittman was on her phone when she entered the lane.

The collision caused front passenger-side damage to Culbreath’s Buick Encore and extensive damage to Pittman’s Terrain.

Pittman received a finger injury, which was treated on the scene by medics, the report said.

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My phone was on the passenger seat plugged in the entire time I was on the road. I don’t appreciate lies.

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