Senator remains committed to full repeal of harmful tax

Donnelly meeting with representatives of medical device manufacturers from Indiana.

WASHINGTON D.C. – U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly met recently with representatives from a number of medical device manufacturers from Indiana to discuss his successful efforts to suspend the medical device tax.

Donnelly remains committed to fully repealing the tax as it impairs the ability of medical device manufacturers in Indiana, and across the country, to invest and grow their operations. Medical device manufacturers employ more than 16,000 Hoosiers.

“I am glad that my efforts to suspend the medical device tax through the end of 2019 were successful," Donnelly said. "I will continue working on bipartisan efforts to fully repeal the tax so that manufacturers can hire new workers, invest in new research and technology and grow their businesses.”

“We would like to thank Sen. Donnelly and Indiana’s Congressional leaders for taking the time out of their busy schedules for allowing Hoosier businesses to update them on the current status of the medical device industry in Indiana,"Anne Hathaway, executive director of Indiana Medical Device Manufacturers Council, said. "Indiana is a leader in medical device manufacturing, so it is key that our industry and our state continue to invest in important innovation and development of new products, which can save and improve the lives of Hoosiers, Americans and people worldwide.”

“Zimmer Biomet is grateful for Senator Donnelly’s recent support for legislation to suspend the medical device tax for another two years," said Chris Cerone, vice president of global government affairs for Zimmer Biomet. "He has worked tirelessly with industry and members of the Indiana Congressional delegation to address the device tax. Suspension provides critical short-term relief from the tax that will allow companies like ours to continue to invest and grow. This tax, however, remains a serious threat to jobs and patient access to innovation unless it is repealed. We look forward to working with Senator Donnelly to knock out this tax once and for all.”

"Cook Medical would like to thank Senator Donnelly and the rest of our Indiana congressional delegation for their leadership to extend the suspension of this tax on medical device companies," said Allison Giles, Cook Group vice president of federal and international government affairs. "We appreciate the acts of Congress to benefit patients and employees. As we look to the future, we will continue working with our congressional leaders for a full repeal of the medical device tax."


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SanFran Kid

Another,well done job for Hoosiers,thanks Joe

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